DHL delivery update

The “DHL delivery” related mail carrying variants of Trojan.Bredolab, Trojan.Oficla and
many others are still on our radar.

Current email comes from the spoofed address like

-DHL Parcel Support
-DHL Tracing Support
-DHL Manager Elsa Addison
-DHL Manager Magdalena Lindsey
-DHL Delivery Services

having common subjects

-DHL Tracking number 844018042457
-DHL Tracking NR 3119547460
-DHL Servise. Get your parcel ID1345
-DHL Delivery. Please get your parcel NR3243
-DHL Delivery. Get your parcel NR23245
-DHL Delivery. Get your parcel ID09554
-DHL Delivery Service. Error in delivery address
-DHL International. Your Parcel Number 7889
-DHL Servise. Parcel number 76980

If a user fall prey to such mail he/she eventually end up having Security Tool Rogueware install on system. Quick Heal detect and removes Rogueware.SecurityTool

Anand Yadav

Anand Yadav

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