Coca-Cola scam on Facebook

“I am part of the 98.0% of people that are NEVER gonna drink Coca Cola again after this HORRIFIC video –> https://www.[deleted_link_to_video]”.

What will you do, if you get such post on your Facebook via your friend? Obviously you will be tempted to click the link. If you click on the link, you’ll be asked to share the video seven times. But you will realise that you are not making any progress. So eventually you’ll be tempted to click on a link that says “Cant Be Bothered To Wait? –> Click Here To Skip This.”. This link takes you to a poll, which asks you for personal information.

Needless to say, you must not provide your personal information.

So Facebook users, beware! Please do not click on any suspicious links. And avoid providing your personal information, unless you’re absolutely sure who you’re giving it to.

Abhijit Kulkarni

Abhijit Kulkarni

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