A Look at this Week’s Latest Security News and Updates

Truecaller Gets a Bad Cyberattack Call
Apparently, the website of popular online phonebook app, Truecaller, experienced a cyberattack, letting hackers gain unauthorized access to some data. The company has confirmed the same in its official blog. It seems, the Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for the cyberattack. News is up that the hackers were able to access users’ Facebook, Twitter, and other social media passwords from the compromised website. Truecaller, however, has denied such claims, saying that it does not store any sensitive information of their users. Read more about this news here.

Tumblr Releases Critical Security Patch for Serious Security Vulnerability
If you are using the iPhone or iPad Tumblr app, then update the app to the latest version which has been released by Tumblr and change your password immediately. According to the company, these apps have a security flaw that may risk your password getting exposed to hackers. For instance, if you are on an unsecured WiFi network and accessing the Tumblr app on the above devices, hackers may easily steal your login credentials by exploiting the security flaw. Read Tumblr’s official blog to know more about this incident.

Delhi High Court Says – No Facebook for Kids below 13
Facebook has been directed by Delhi High Court to put up a disclaimer on its site, mentioning that kids under 13 are prohibited from opening an FB account. A senior official representing Facebook assured that the social network site will oblige to the court’s request. The court also shot out queries to the central government regarding the security measures it has in mind to protect children on social networking sites. Read about this development here.

Sony abandons its Fight to Contest the £250,000 Fine
Sony was slapped with a hefty fine of £250,000 when its PlayStation network was hacked in April 2011. The cyberattack left personal information and even payment details of millions of Brits exposed to hackers. Initially, Sony put up a tough face against the charge, but news is up that the electronic giant has decided to let go off the fight and pay the fine. According to a Sony spokesperson, the company took this measure because it feared it would be forced to divulge classified information about its security setup. Read the complete news here.

Rajiv Singha

Rajiv Singha

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