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8 reasons not to count on your expired antivirus software to protect you!!

November 26, 2018
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You are at your computer, engaged in some important work and suddenly a message pops up on the screen, “Your Antivirus software license has expired”. You conveniently choose to ignore the notification, intending to get back to it whenever you get free, but, you never do!

What Happens when Antivirus Licence Expires

Using Antivirus program with expired license, opens the door to a landscape of online threats. While you may be feeling relaxed & expecting your expired antivirus program to protect you, the fact is that post expiry of licence, below features stop working:

  1. Software Updates – Cyber-criminals are on a constant drive to come up with new and advanced techniques to launch cyber-attacks. To protect you from this, Quick Heal releases software updates that protect you from around 50,000 new threats every day. These updates are provided only till the product has a valid license, and hence PCs with expired antivirus licenses are vulnerable to such threats. 
  1. Cloud Protection – Cloud protection is an additional layer of security that provides robust protection in addition to daily updates. It helps in identifying and blocking malicious tactics adopted by new age malware. As cloud protection doesn’t work post license expiry, immunity to combat this malware weakens.
  1. Ransomware Protection – As the product stops receiving security updates, it loses ability to detect the new tactics of ransomware attacks in trend. This may put your important data at risk of getting hijacked.
  1. Phishing Protection – Phishing protection automatically blocks accidental access to phishing websites, which steal your banking credentials, credit card information and other personal details. As it stops working post license expiry, you may end up losing your confidential information to hackers through fake websites and suffer financial loss.
  1. Browsing Protection – Browsing protection automatically blocks access to infected websites, which download malware in your system. As this protection doesn’t work post license expiry, chances of your computer getting infected are high.
  1. Anti-Spam (Email) Protection – Anti-Spam stops phishing emails from getting delivered in your inbox. In the absence of Anti-Spam Protection, you can be a victim to fraudulent email scams.
  1. Vulnerability Scan – New security loopholes in computer operating system and other installed software applications open easy path for hackers. Post license expiry, the product loses ability to identify and patch up the new vulnerabilities which can be easily exploited by hackers to plant attacks.
  1. Parental Control – Keywords based restrictions (for e.g. violence) help you block all the relevant websites being accessed by your kids. As this does not work post license expiry, your kids can come across such inappropriate content which you intent to restrict for them.

This concludes that an expired Antivirus program is good for nothing.

Kindly spare a moment to renew your antivirus license TODAY!!

Just in case your license has not yet expired, make sure that the Auto Update feature is enabled in product, to help us protect your computer better.

  • 38

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