July 2012

Windows 8 security features that Quick Heal users will love


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Windows 8 is scheduled to hit the market in October and promises a new era for desktops. Microsoft aims to integrate the PC market with the mobile market by unifying the Metro UI across all platforms. However, Windows has always brought a number of security threats due to its massive...

The savoir faire of safe mobile banking


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The convenience and fluidity of access that mobile devices promise makes them one of the most sought after platforms for banking and mobile commerce. A recent study by IDC shows an estimated growth of 49.2% in the worldwide Smartphone market. This implies that these devices are being used for just...

Interesting news updates from the last week

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450,000 ‘Yahoo! Voices’ passwords hacked In yet another password breach and exposure, around 450,000 login credentials affiliated to Yahoo! Voices were released on the web. The group responsible, D33ds, has said that they hope to raise awareness about password security. Yahoo! had stored these credentials in plain text, which is...

Malicious QR codes threaten mobile security


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How many times have you spotted a QR code and scanned it through your smartphone camera? While these may be an effective tool for marketers to re-direct people to a particular website, how safe are these QR codes? What are QR codes? A Quick Response (QR) code is a square-shaped...

DNSChanger server shutdown deadline looming


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Quick Heal would like to remind its users about the impending DNSChanger server shutdown on July 9th. If you have been following this piece of news, you will be aware that the shutdown deadline is now just two days away. People who still have this malware on their machine will...

Latest news updates from the week gone by


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Rootkit developed for Android Ice Cream Sandwich A research team in North Carolina State University has highlighted a security flaw in Android 4.0.4 which can cause a lot of trouble. A rootkit developed for the OS can make applications invisible. So a malicious app can stay hidden on the device...

Future Watch IV: Google Glass heralds the era of wearable computing


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At Google’s recent I/O conference, Sergey Brin orchestrated a compelling demonstration for Google Glass laced with skydivers, bikers, a 40,000 feet high video hangout and a race-against-time package delivery. Signs are definitely looking good for this futuristic technology as tech experts are raving about its potential. Google Glass, announced in...

Thinking of buying an Anti-spam product? Here’s a checklist


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When your organization decides to shell out money on an anti-spam product for network security, there are a few important things that should be considered. Choosing an anti-spam product that provides you the right kind of protection, is cost-effective and doesn’t eat up system resources falls on the high-priority list....