Why Your Privacy Score Matters More than Ever

Not so long ago, a report stated that ‘130 million Aadhaar numbers were exposed online’ by just a handful of websites. In light of this and other similar headlines that hit the news daily, there is no denying that safeguarding online privacy has become critical. Startling statistics such as these serve as alarming wake-up calls, reminding us that every personal detail shared or stored online provides  a limitless goldmine for cybercriminals. It is apparent that safeguarding data and digital identity is paramount in our interconnected world, and protecting personal information is more critical than ever before. 

How well we shield our data from prying eyes, unwanted visitors, hackers and scamsters is a measure of our digital security. This is where Privacy Score comes into play, as the indicators for your online protection.

Let’s understand what you can get out of the Quick Heal v24 – Privacy Score Feature

Enable Data Breach Alert

Privacy Score Impact: ★★★★☆

Data breaches are unfortunately common in today’s digital landscape. These breaches can expose your sensitive information to cybercriminals, putting your online privacy at risk. To stay vigilant and proactive, enabling data breach alerts are crucial.

Just like a vigilant neighbor who alerts you when something suspicious is happening, data breach alerts notify you if your confidential information, such as email IDs and passwords, is compromised or if any unusual activity is detected around your online details.

Enable Webcam Protection

Privacy Score Impact: ★★★☆☆

Many apps and websites can turn your webcam on without your consent and record your personal life. The malicious operators of these websites can then blackmail you to extort money or more. To keep your personal life private, make sure you have your webcam protection enabled to stay safe from such threats.

Enable Anti-Tracker

Privacy Score Impact: ★★★★☆

Certain websites can track your online activities, such as which other websites you have visited, how much time you spent there, what videos did you watch or what products did you buy online and more.  They monitor your online behavior to use the information of your personal preferences to manipulate your actions, often by showing you personalized advertisements that follow you everywhere on the internet. Enabling the anti-tracker blocks all such tracking activity and prevents criminals from collecting any data about your online behavior. This way, it helps you maintain control over your digital footprint and online presence.

Anti-tracker tools act as your digital bodyguard, preventing websites from stalking your online behavior and ensuring your online movements remain private.

Enable Password Protection

Privacy Score Impact: ★★★☆☆

Malicious softwares can sneakily disable antivirus protection and attack your device. To stay safe from such attacks, always keep password protection on so that your digital safety is never compromised. Password protection ensures that only authorized users can make changes to your antivirus, securing your digital privacy by preventing unauthorized access to your security settings.

 Enable Safe Wi-Fi

Privacy Score Impact: ★★★★☆

Free public Wi-Fi networks can be convenient, but they also enable cybercriminals to steal data from your device. Safe Wi-Fi confirms if the Wi-Fi you are about to connect is safe to use, hence safeguarding your device and digital privacy.

 Set Up Data Backup

Privacy Score Impact: ★★★☆☆

Data loss can happen unexpectedly, due to any reason ranging from hardware failures or a cyber attack. Without a data-backup, you risk the chance of losing all your hard work and sensitive personal information such as personal videos and pictures or financial data stored online. A data backup ensures that you always have a safety net in case of any unprecedented threat to your personal information online.

Just as you keep important documents in a secure place, data backup routinely stores your data to prevent any loss. In the event of a digital mishap, you can recover your valuable information, ensuring your precious details are intact.

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Your Privacy Score helps to ensure that the safekeeping of your personal online information is under control.  By implementing recommendations provided, you’ll not only enhance your Privacy Score but also fortify your online defenses to secure your digital world. This is your ticket to the future of digital safety, where protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your loved ones has never been more accessible or vital. With Quick Heal v24, your Privacy is in safe hands!



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