3 reasons you can’t live without your smartphone [VIDEO]

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 May 14, 2018

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Can you think of 3 reasons why you can’t live without your smartphone? Well, we tried figuring out the answer to that in this short video of ours. We also tried thinking what would happen if something bad happens to your phone and how can you avoid it. So, do...

Use Smartphones Only in Emergencies – Government Instructs Ministries to Avoid Loss of Sensitive National Data

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 June 6, 2016
smartphone security

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Just like the private sector, the Government has been encouraging its employees to use smartphones for better collaboration within departments. This rapid adoption of smartphones and Internet services in Government organizations might lead to situations where national security could be compromised by a simple data breach. This is a concern...

The New Generation Nomophobians: The World is where the Phone is!

 October 26, 2015

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Psychiatrists spent years researching on drug and alcohol abuse trends among those aged 18-25 years. They devised effective treatment strategies for such abuses and were successful in completely curing teenagers and adults. Little did they know that a device called mobile phone can give rise to the biggest phobia the...

Two Mistakes You’re Making While Charging Your Smartphone Battery

 September 15, 2015

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One of the most common complaints that anyone who uses a smartphone has, is regarding the battery of the device. While our new phones are packed with powerful features, ultrafast processors and are also as thin as a wafer, all this leads to a situation where the battery life of...

Android Security Tips: Get the Most Out of Your Apps

 July 7, 2015

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When was the last time you went online and searched for an app to download on your Android phone? Are you sure you are downloading your apps from reliable sources or are you putting your Android phone at risk by downloading apps from dangerous third-party sources? This post on easy...

You’ll Love These Simple Ways to Improve Android Battery Life

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 March 2, 2015

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Extending the battery life of Android smartphones and tablets is not only a major point of concern for Android users, it is also a crucial aspect for phone manufacturers to keep in mind. Screen sizes of phones and tablets are getting larger, and this increases the load on battery performance....