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5 cybersecurity tips for safe online shopping this holiday season

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 December 18, 2017

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By now, most of you must have started getting emails and messages about great deals and discounts from your online shopping websites. And while most of us get preoccupied with our shopping spree, cyber criminals will try to make the most of this opportunity. How? Well, that’s easy. They might...

Global Crackdown on 37,000 Fake Shopping Sites

 December 7, 2015
Fake shopping sites

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Ecommerce websites are all the rage around the world today, and millions of goods exchange hands over the festive season in particular. There are several popular sites that a majority of people prefer shopping over; however, some people also choose some relatively unknown sites due to bigger discounts or more...

Tips for Safe Online Shopping this Diwali

 October 21, 2014

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We recently held a webinar and issued a blog post about the top 5 risks of online shopping this festive season. Continuing down the same lines, we would now like to inform our readers about some of the best practices they should undertake while shopping online. The Diwali season is...

Top 5 Risks of Online Shopping and How You Can Avoid Them

 October 20, 2014

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We here at Quick Heal love spreading the word about online safety and everything that one can do in order to strengthen their online presence without compromising on security. We recently hosted a successful webinar in line with our knowledge sharing activities, and we were overwhelmed with the response and...