Fake WhatsApp app

Fake WhatsApp Apps on Google Play – an analysis by Quick Heal Security Labs

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 November 6, 2017

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

A couple of fake WhatsApp apps found their way into the Google Play Store. These apps’ pages , names and developer title ‘WhatsApp Inc.’ look similar to the ones of the original WhatsApp app. Quick Heal Security Labs ran an analysis on these apps and this post outlines the results....

Fake WhatsApp App downloaded over 1 million times on Google Play

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 November 6, 2017
Fake WhatsApp App Update App

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Just last week, more than 1 million Android users downloaded a fake WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store. The app (removed now) went by the name ‘Update WhatsApp Messenger’. As you may notice in the image below, the developer title is ‘WhatsApp Inc.’ which is the same one used...