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Patch cycle skip

 December 8, 2006

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The last post on Zero Day CVE-2006-4777 had infomation about the new vulnerability which was discovered well before the Microsoft Patch Cycle. Yesterday Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification announced what the patch contains. They have not included fix for CVE-2006-4777Microsoft Security Advisory. So well before Microsoft action we have added...

Zero day

 December 6, 2006

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New vulnerability has been found in Microsoft Word, which could be exploited by attackers to take complete control of an affected system. The flaw is due to memory corruption error while handling malformed document, which could be exploited by an attackers to execute arbitrary code by tricking the user to...


 December 5, 2006

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From past 2 months Myspace has been in news. This time its a new vulnerability found in XSS. When the exploit code (i.e JavaScript) runs it redirect a user to other website. the redirected URL is a phishing URL which is used to steal the user name and password of...

DNAScan Vs Warezov

 December 1, 2006

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We are still getting reports of I-Warezov in the wild. So we tested out our last released build of Quick Heal AV and Quick Heal TS with Virus Database date 1 Nov 2006. We were happy to notice that DNAScan succesfully removed/ blocked all mails having I-Warezov as suspicous file...


 December 1, 2006

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World AIDS Day, 1 December is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. For more details please visit Wiki defination and infomation UN AIDS info World AIDS campaign Educating people about this virus problem can eradicate it.

Grey Goo Attack..

 November 22, 2006

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Copyright 2006, Linden Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A popular online multiplayer game ‘Second Life’ was shut down for a while when it was hit by a special purpose worm. The game allows the players to code the objects that can play role in the virtual game. Malicious users coded...

Phishing SBI

 November 17, 2006

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Earlier we were receiving reports of phishing of International bank and recently of ICICI, today we received reports of phishing sites of State Bank of India. Last week we saw new phishing attack on ICICI Bank and now today we saw phishing site targeting State Bank of India. Fraudulent sites...

64-bit Vista PatchGuard

 November 14, 2006

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To prevent unauthorized access to the kernel Microsoft is using PatchGuard in 64-bit Vista. Some third party security vendors has expressed concerns that this is making it tougher to protect customers as it is locking them out of the kernel. We at Cat believes that Microsoft as a OS vendor...

ActiveX Control vulnerability

 November 10, 2006

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Microsoft XML Core Services XMLHTTP ActiveX Control Code Execution This vulnerability has been found in Microsoft XML Core Services. It could be exploited by a remote attacker to take control of the system. The problem is due to a memory corruption in XMLHTTP ActiveX Control. Microsoft Visual Studio WMI Object...

ICICI Bank phishing mail

 October 31, 2006

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Today a new ICICI Bank phishing mail was delivered to my mail box. At first glance it looked quite original as my Eudora mail box showed the information as follows: Mail received from: Subject: Alerts !!! Upgrade And Secure Your Online Account Immediately. After reading the message I doubt...