31 tips on Internet Security you should totally follow [INFOGRAPHIC]

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 October 4, 2017

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October is observed as CyberSecurity Month which is an annual campaign organized to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. Here’s an infographic that puts together 31 tips on Internet Security that will help you protect your digital devices, identity, and personal information from all types of threats on the...

AES-NI Ransomware adopts combination of Fileless and Code Injection technique

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 June 22, 2017

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Cybercriminals are adopting unique ways for spreading malware and this has been evident in the cases of the Cerber ransomware where the RIG exploit was used and the WannaCry ransomware which used the SMBv1 vulnerability. And now it’s the AES-NI ransomware which uses a combination of fileless and code injection...

Have a LinkedIn account? Better change your password!

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 May 23, 2016

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Last week, popular business social networking site LinkedIn announced that over 100 million user passwords were compromised. This was followed by a strong advisory to users about changing their passwords. A brief flashback >> A few years ago, in 2012, LinkedIn was hit by a major hack that caused a...

A Report by Quick Heal Labs on Password Stealing Malware

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 May 19, 2016

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Almost every computer user has more than one account for social networking sites, email accounts, bank accounts, online shopping portals, etc. And for obvious reasons, it becomes difficult for them to remember their login credentials, and this gives away to a habit of saving username and passwords in web browsers,...

7 Useful Computer Security Habits you Must Take Up

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 May 6, 2016

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Here’s a light, crisp refresher on 7 good computer security habits for you all. #1st Tip Lock your PC when you are away This is a no-brainer; yet, most of us may conveniently forget to do so. And we don’t realize its importance until some miscreant gets their hands on...

INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Passwords in 2015

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 May 5, 2016
world password day

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UPDATE – May 5th, 2016 Achieving cyber security is getting harder every year, and the most critical aspect of this process is passwords. With so many different passwords to remember for every individual, there are several loopholes which need to be secured. Have a look at the infographic below to...

Security Habit to Make: Strong Passwords for Stronger Security

 January 12, 2016

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In continuation to the first part of Security Habits to Break and Make in 2016, this one is the second part that talks about choosing strong and not-so-constant passwords. No.2 Security Habit to Break: Having devices that are not password protected. No.2 Security Habit to Make: Create complex and strong...

5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Account Hackproof [UPDATED]

 April 14, 2015

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If our readers can recollect, we had listed some really helpful tips on how to make your Facebook account safer and hackproof. Well, a lot has changed in the way Facebook works since then. And that’s why we’ve come up with these updated tips to make your Facebook account hackproof....