Beware of the Godless Malware

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 July 13, 2016

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You might have heard of the Godless Android malware that surfaced last month. This post explains some important facts around the malware, and how you can stay away from it. What is the Godless Malware? Carrying a bit of an intimidating name, ‘Godless’ is a malware that targets Android phones...

4 tips on how to protect yourself from ATM skimming

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 June 27, 2016

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It so happens that a vacation taken by a cyber security expert turns out to be yet another eye-opener for many. While holidaying in Vienna, Austria, cyber security expert Benjamin Tedesco comes across a well-camouflaged ATM skimming machine. Before we continue, let us tell you a little about what is...

Use Smartphones Only in Emergencies – Government Instructs Ministries to Avoid Loss of Sensitive National Data

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 June 6, 2016
smartphone security

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Just like the private sector, the Government has been encouraging its employees to use smartphones for better collaboration within departments. This rapid adoption of smartphones and Internet services in Government organizations might lead to situations where national security could be compromised by a simple data breach. This is a concern...

Infostealer Campaign detected in the wild

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 May 30, 2016

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Quick Heal Threat Research Lab has recently observed an active cybercrime campaign designed to steal user info. The campaign has been noticed to make use of three keyloggers (malicious software that records information entered by a user on their computer keyboard) iSpy logger, Predator logger and Knight Logger. These software...

Have a LinkedIn account? Better change your password!

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 May 23, 2016

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Last week, popular business social networking site LinkedIn announced that over 100 million user passwords were compromised. This was followed by a strong advisory to users about changing their passwords. A brief flashback >> A few years ago, in 2012, LinkedIn was hit by a major hack that caused a...

Quick Heal Mobile Security Bags 5-Star Rating & ‘Android Security Recommended” Award by PCSL

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 March 28, 2016

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Quick Heal is proud to share that the PCSL IT Consulting Group has awarded the Quick Heal Mobile Security app with the title of “Android Security Recommended 2015”. This title is granted to Android mobile security vendors who received a 5-star monthly award at least twice during the course of...

Report: The Dridex Trojan is Back

 March 25, 2016

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“Dridex”, also known as ‘Buget’, is the successor of “Cridex”, a banking Trojan created for stealing victim credentials. After its takedown by the US Government in late 2015, the malware has come up with new versions and techniques. This report aims to provide detailed insights into the infection vector of...

Solution to System Freezing Issue faced by Quick Heal Users

 March 15, 2016

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It has been brought to our notice that some of our users are facing a technical issue wherein their computer hangs up/freezes after performing a restart. This post explains the steps to be taken to resolve this issue. Problem description: A certain group of Quick Heal users have reported that...

Quick Heal: A “Make in India” Brand Recognized and Awarded at RSA 2016

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 March 3, 2016

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We’re honored to announce that ICSA Labs has named Quick Heal a 2016 Excellence in Information Security Testing Award recipient. ICSA Labs recognized Quick Heal for successful completion of five years of continuous ICSA Labs information security testing. The Excellence in Information Security Testing (EIST) Award honors organizations that have continually tested...