Ravi Gidwani

About Ravi Gidwani

Ravi Gidwani is currently working as Senior Security Researcher in Quick Heal Security Labs. He has around 7 years of experience in cyber-security domain with expertise in reversing various malware and developing clean up routine for them. He is passionate about developing new techniques for malware detection, threat hunting and actively tracking trending malware campaigns.

First Node.js-based Ransomware : Nodera

 January 22, 2020

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Recently while threat hunting, Quick Heal Security Labs came across an unusual Node.js framework based Nodera ransomware. The use of Node.js framework is not seen commonly across malware families. Latest development by threat actors reveal a nasty and one-of-its-kind ransomware being created; one that uses Node.js framework, which enables it to infect Windows...