Prashil Moon

Prashil Moon

Prashil is a Threat Research Engineer at Quick Heal Security Labs. He enthusiastically keeps hunting for ongoing malware trends, runs analysis on malware families, and has a keen interest in blogging about trends observed during his research.

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Email campaign using .url extensions to abuse Internet Explorer vulnerabilities (CVE-2016-3353)

In the wild, malspam campaigns are a major medium to spread malware. Previously, we have written about such…

New fake resume email campaign infecting users with the SmokeLoader malware

Email attachments are a favorite medium for attackers to deliver malware. They can be used to target a…

Chrome extensions exploited in a massive PUA campaign

Browser extensions also known as add-ons or plug-ins are programs that extend the functionality of a web browser…

Quick Heal is compatible with Microsoft’s Jan 3 update for Meltdown and Spectre

This is an important advisory for our readers about the recently discovered CPU exploits called Meltdown and Spectre….