February 2017

Test your knowledge with Quick Heal Quiz!

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So you think you are a cyber expert and know everything about cybersecurity? Prove it and test your knowledge with this quiz.

Activate WhatsApp two-step verification feature on your phone right now

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After several months of testing, WhatsApp has finally rolled out the two-step verification security feature which will prevent anyone else from activating your WhatsApp phone number without a six digit passcode. How to enable the Two-Step Verification Feature To enable this security feature users have to open WhatsApp > Settings...

6 possible signs your Android phone may be infected with a virus

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#1. Unfamiliar calls made from your phone
#2. Sudden or unexplainable data usage
#3. Abnormal battery drainage
#4. Poor performance
#5. Unfamiliar apps
#6. Overheating

Beware of Spora – a professionally designed ransomware

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Spora is a recent addition to the ransomware family that Quick Heal Lab has come across.  It is a file encryptor ransomware that encrypts a user’s files with strong encryption algorithm and demands a ransom. Spora is launched with a good infection routine, the capability to work offline, well-designed and...