January 2017

DDoS attacks spreading through ‘GodMode’ exploit – CVE-2014-6332

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We have recently observed an increase in the exploitation of the famous ‘GodMode’ exploit of the vulnerability CVE-2014-6332. The reliable proof of concept (POC) or exploit code for CVE-2016-6332 is readily available on the Internet. This makes it easy for attackers to integrate the exploit in various campaigns. They just...

Beware of the new WhatsApp scam that promises FREE internet!

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• New WhatsApp scam promises free Internet
• Victims might get subscribed to unwanted costly services or infect their phone with malware
• Install a mobile antivirus app to stay safe against such scams

Vulnerability fixed in Quick Heal products

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A security vulnerability - CVE-2017-5005 in Quick Heal allowed illegal Remote Code Execution and Privilege Escalation. This vulnerability got fixed on 11th June 2016.

Alert! Install the BHIM app only from official app stores

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• BHIM is a digital payment app recently launched by the Government of India.
• BHIM app is currently available only in Google Play Store.
• Several other apps having the name 'BHIM' are present in Google Play.
• Install only the official BHIM app developed by 'National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)'

WhatsApp Virus Alert! Do not download unverified documents received over WhatsApp

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Central security services in India have issued a high alert advisory against two malicious files that are circulating on WhatsApp. These files are loaded with viruses that can steal sensitive personal and banking information stored in the victim’s phone. Who is the prime target? The malicious files are in the...