June 2014

Android Ransomware, Risky World Cup Searches and other IT Security News


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Last week witnessed a gruesome act of attempted murder on a 12-year-old because of a misinterpreted fictional character on the Internet. It also saw the rise of what could be the first ever Android ransomware. Let’s take a look at each of these news and other IT security news as...

Gruesome stabbing of 12-year old reminds us about Child Internet Safety

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If ever there was any doubt about whether parents need to keep an eye on their kid’s online activities, we were all served a gruesome reminder for the same a couple of days back. If you are not aware about the grisly stabbing incident that took place in Wisconsin this...

Enterprise Security: Mobile ad libraries pose new security threats


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A new threat to enterprise security that many organizations neglect and fail to address effectively is that of mobile advertising networks. These ad libraries are freely used by mobile developers to track user behavior patterns and to generate ad revenue. However, the increased usage of smartphones and tablets by employees...

How to Block Pop-up Ads

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In a couple of our blog posts, many readers have posted a query on how they can block pop-up ads that appear on various websites that they visit. Through this blog post, we have answered the query with a few helpful tips. Advertisements have come a long way; from public...