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Attackers trick victims into calling them back on premium-rate numbers

Rahul Thadani Aug 2, 2012     408
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Have you ever received a burst of missed calls from strange numbers in a short span of time? Such missed calls usually last for just one ring and it is strongly recommended that you DO NOT call these numbers back. This is an old scam that has resurfaced and we would like to warn our users against them.

These are international premium-rate numbers (IPRN) and people who call them are charged hefty rates which are transferred to the attacker. The trick is known as the ‘Wangiri’ fraud. In Japanese, ‘Wangiri’ means ‘one ring and cut’ and it is believed that this scam originated in Japan.

What is a premium number?
Premium-rate numbers are typically known as toll numbers and their origin can be traced to several European countries. Telecom operators offer a limited number of premium numbers which are acquired by businesses. Callers are charged premium rates (higher than regular calling rates) when they dial such numbers and the revenue earned is then shared between the telecom operator and the owner of the number.

Commercial establishments advertise these numbers for tech support, voting polls, competitions, directory inquiries, weather forecasts and more.

How a Wangiri scam works?
Once an attacker has acquired a premium-rate number he gives missed calls to thousands of cellphone numbers chosen randomly. Inadvertently, an unsuspecting victim calls the number back. An individual answers the call and tries to prolong the conversation under some pretext. All this while, the curious caller gets charged a large amount for the call. The rates range from Rs. 50 per minute to Rs. 200 per minute.

The latest slew of attacks has arisen from numbers starting with a +92 code. This code belongs to numbers from Pakistan but it is impossible to be sure as attackers could have used several masking techniques. Tracing the country of origin of such calls is a very difficult process and it can only be accomplished by law enforcement agencies. It is largely suspected that these calls do not originate in India. Hence, callers are charged international rates for calling these international premium-rate numbers.

It is an ingenious way of stealing money off victims. Prepaid users will find their credit drastically reduced whereas postpaid users would only come to know of these charges once they view their monthly bill. The best course of action would be to simply ignore such suspicious missed calls and refrain from calling them back. Quick Heal Mobile Security users can also utilize the ‘Call Blocking’ feature to blacklist such numbers and prevent them from reaching the device.

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  • Thanks alot rahul for updating,
    Really what attackers can do is horrible they don`t even spare a single thing.And yeah its correct commonly we are alwys eager to know has given the missed call and that to from some unrecognized no..thanks once again

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sameer,
      Attackers will keep coming up with innovative ways like this to trick people. We must always stay vigilant.

      • Thanks for the update…. very helpful indeed

      • thanx rahul,keep informing good things for awareness in recent techonlogy.
        Future technology should be used for betterment not to hamper the lives of humans





        • Rahul Thadani

          Hi Nilesh,
          It is partially possible to trace numbers thanks to the Internet and other tools. But it is nothing to be alarmed about. There are many sources from which attackers get numbers but it is suspected that in this scenario they are just calling numbers randomly.

      • Thanks man, I recently received a similar call from unknown No. when I
        checked in my call logs nothing found.. no number, no details. I called
        the customer support to find out more about this unknown .no guy but the
        customer care response was not that good. So I left it like that and forgot about it but when I have seen this ‘Message updated from QH center’ I was surprised and I am here to post the comment :) to spread awareness and thanks for your article Rahul much appreciated.

        • Rahul Thadani

          Hi Prathap,
          Thanks for sharing your experience. Everyone who reads this will benefit from that.

          • Yes Rahul, I too received such calls a number of times. One day I called back, but there was no response from the other side. To my surprise I was charged 90 Rupees for 1.15 minutes. I called the customer care but there response was not good and they just advised me not to call back on such numbers. The number begins with +92. Thanks for your update.

            Sunil Bakshi

          • Thanks

        • thanx rahul,keep informing good things for awareness in recent techonlogy.
          Future technology should be used for betterment not to hamper the lives of humans

      • hy Rahul thnx buddy fr such alert info…..

      • sir,
        i have received two missed call on this no. +44.

      • My Name is Jagadeesh and my number is 9059810708.. I have received the call from the same number today..I called this number back but no response. Please let me know what is the issue.. why they are not picking my calls


      • hi rahul my 50 rs balance is deducted. when i call to help line they said
        u made a call on +447822175049
        call Date & time 23nov 2014 16.29.29
        duration = 01.79 sec.
        its charges u 50rs
        but i did’t dail this num or its not in dailed num or call log list
        how its possible
        pls guide me
        what i have to do

        • Rajib Singha

          Hi Anchal,

          You can get in touch with your service provider and check whether or not this call was made from your number.


          • I have already discussed with my service provider and charges are reflecting in their system as dialed call. It happened 2nd time with me and same response from my service providers. 1st time it was on Vodafone and this time with TATA Docomo and both the time i was used Samsung Core(Smart Phone)

            Is their any possibility to automatically dialed any number from my cell phone as I haven’t dialed any number? Also the number is not reflecting in last call log details.

            Please advise me in details!!

          • Rajib Singha

            Hi Anchal,

            Could you give us the details of the numbers that seem to have been dialed from your mobile number?


    • thanks

      • I received two calls at a gap of a week and both calls were received at mid night
        +231 232510735 and another one from the code +37

        I guess normally these miss calls are at very odd time….

        • Rahul Thadani

          Hi Ram,

          Yes these calls seem to be a part of this scam only. Do not call back on these numbers.


          • Is there any agency in India for reporting these issue? As I am getting frequent calls from +23, +92, +37 etc

          • Rahul Thadani

            Hi Partho,

            May we suggest that you simply block these numbers from calling you. So you will not receive any calls from them in the future. You can use the Quick Heal Mobile Security app for the same. It is available for free and can be found and downloaded on Google Play.


  • yes i received call from +92 and +37 numbers last week so many times thnks for update


  • thanks a lot rahul.
    basically Iam luking for a job in africa and had applied a month or two ago. today I recd. a mail from one of the best breweries in africa saying that u have to mail ur details with contact no’s. to our barister, so i did and in 20 min. i recd. a mail and call saying u have to pay 1000 dollar, which is ridiculous. i reverted the mail and again call came saying that pay as much as u can, so i replied that ur no. has been tapped by our intelligence, than he suddenly switched the phone.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Thanks for sharing your experience Shailesh. Reading about such incidents will increase everyone’s awareness. We wish you the best of luck.

  • ya me too miss call from 92+ numbers 1 months ago thanks

  • i got a call from +44.

  • I had received several such calls. I didnot respond neither i had reported the matter. Is it necessary to take any action so that such menaces can be acted against

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Satyabrata,
      The best way to combat such threats is to raise awareness and share experiences. So thank you for your input. Feel free to share more experiences in the future.

  • Yes, I got calls from +23 & +44

  • Thanks Rahul,

    Yes We received repeatedly calls from +92 ,+44 and once it was tried to contact back and without answer,but cost 135+ and then realize some thing wrong and when try to receive the call immediately it was disconnected .



    • Rahul Thadani

      Thanks Rishit. Please be wary of such calls in the future.

  • Now-a-days people have devised such new tricks to earn money, may it be by exploiting – thanks Rahul for this update; I have mailled it to ny friends for their notice.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Thanks for sharing this with your friends Nitesh.

  • yes I have received calls from 37 and now receiving calls fron 90.
    I called up my service provider IDEA and said you can`t block single number.
    all incoming or outgoing calls will be blocked.
    It`s so true that they want to live upto their reputation.


  • Sir

    I am also got some SMS from unknown No.
    they send some skim related to money & tel us to call
    back on this no which is not in our country
    but i will deleted this , thanks for inform

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sachin,
      Glad to know that you did not fall for the SMS.

      • hi
        i aslo got a sms send your name add count no age and work for clam
        for mony

  • Rahul, Me too got many missed calls from +92 and many unknown country extensions …. but I never callback, I always informed to my friends about these kind of stuffs…. Well I am going to share this on my FB account, Thanks for such a Good Information.


    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Pankaj,
      That’s great that you did not fall for this trick. Share this info with as many friends as you can. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the information. I got a missed call a week ago from +92– to which I called back.I did not check te call cost.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi George,
      Stay alert when you get such calls in the future. Do not call them back.

      • Just now i got a call from 9312982014 he was saying that they are offering some benefits on my visa card, i said i dont want then they said money os already cut off, but till time theer is no messag\e from any bank that any such money is decucted.

        i m triing to call this bastard but …..

        what to do Rahul

        • Rajib Singha

          Hi Pooja,

          It is highly recommended that you get such information verified from your bank first before taking any action. Most of these calls are part of scams and fraudulent practices.


  • I have recvd calls many a time, The no,s are 923317831135 and 923037743235, but I have not answered nor called them Back. Thanks Rahul for sharing the information,

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi B.K. Prasad,
      As mentioned, +92 is the country code for Pakistan. You did a wise thing by not calling them back.

  • thanks a lot for sharing such an important information. i have received many times such missed call from different international numbers but i don’t respond to these calls. Thanks again…..:)))

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Vikrant,
      Thanks for the appreciation. Remain vigilant about such calls.

  • Thanks for the information.
    I recently got 2 to 3 miscalls from an unknown number.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Pratamesh,
      If the number looks suspicious you must never respond to such calls.

  • Thanks for the update.. we also got some calls from +92 but we ignored them…
    This information has been very useful for us…

  • I too got the calls from +92. Had ignored.
    I am wondering can we not hit back?
    More like sending internet SMS or any other similar things?


    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Ram,
      The best thing to do is to be aware of such tricks and not fall for them. You should also spread this information with as many people as possible.

  • thanks rahul,
    Get a no. of calls from +44 nos. and lucky that neither called nor answered , but got SMS and mail From RBI , Cocacola etc. as u won a lot of pounds and dollars and deposit few amount in SBI A/c will send the draft to ur address. DO we have to inform the local authorities abt. the call or the SMS/Mail for queries to be checked and help others to be aware of this quackery ?
    Thanks again.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Shital,
      You should delete such messages and mails immediately. That is the best possible solution.

  • HI,


    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Arvind,
      You should ignore such calls. Specifically, do not call back. If you can put the number on a Quick Heal Mobile Security blacklist, you should do that as well.

  • me too. i got a call from +914443 starting number toaday .i tried to trace that number but the result is empty.


  • I got a missed call from +375602605317.

  • I am using Airtel mobile service and got missed call twice from +92 call before one year. When I called back a person who was talking in HINDI told me “bhaiya aapka 13 lakh rupey ka draw nikla hai aur aap email address de dein taaki hum aapko information send kar sakein.”
    When I heared “bhaiya” from a person who claim to be call center representative I just shocked. After it I contact customer care they said me they can do nothing in my favor.

    I want to ask you can we take any legal actions against such caller? I suspect as the code suggest call is from another country we cant do anything.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Ankit,
      That’s great observation and presence of mind by you. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

    • dude +92 is Pak’s code… better b careful….

  • this is very informative information and should to spread to as many people as posible ..

  • I received call from India number +91114???? . The caller told me that he is speaking from some XYZ co. You are a very good credit card customer and they want to give some benefit. Then he wanted to verify my identity as to I am the real person he is calling. So he asked me some question like what is on my credit card “MASTER CARD” or “VISA”. I suddenly sensed danger and told him that I do not want any benefit. Then I traced the number on internet it was a delhi number . I reported the incident to my ICICI bank. I mentioned the number to them hoping that they will lodge a complaint with police authorities.

    I received a routine reply telling me to approach police authorities and not to divulge my details over phone.

    Sometimes you get call and asking your birthdate so that they will update their record and wish you on your birthday. Never give your birthdate to such a caller. It may be used to change your password using forgot password.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Prashant,
      We commend you for your presence of mind. It is wise to never divulge such details to random callers. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes.. myself committed that fault in prev month..
    it happens that myself(owning BSNL prepaid) always get missed calls from my employees in respect of my business… so as a regular habit.. without considering that +92 indication before that MISSED CALL number i directly make a reply call & heard a sound of a lady who is making obscene noises & trying some attracting words… i was shocked … before anything speaking and operating that number.. i stopped that call… it costs me Rs.42.95 for those 25 seconds..
    No worry of that Rs.42.95… but will any wrong effects of my reply happens to my Cell number or My SERVICE… Please reply ME.. i have told all matters in such regard..

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Santosh,
      You don’t need to worry about anything else that can happen to your number or your service. What you hear on the other end is nothing to do with you. This is yet another variation to this trick. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks rahul for this important information. Generally everyone reply the unknown number.

  • I received a call from 252 which is a code for Boisar. I called back to realise that it was some shady characters.

  • I got calls from +371and+224.

  • Thanks Rahul…last week i recieved calls from+44 code number….like a fool i called back….but do u think someone we recently met has passed our number….or doing it her/himself…or the hackers are randomly picking the numbrs…pls tell its important….

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Annu,
      It’s impossible to be sure, but we feel that the attackers are randomly calling numbers. It is easy to develop such programs that automatically call numbers sequentially. Thanks.

  • i have been a victim of this in last week

  • thanks, for all the vital information,put this in meddia esp,t.v.news ,facebook etc.

  • Thanks Rahul for warning against those numbers………

  • thanx for giving such an important information

  • Thanks for the update….

  • only missed call or msg also thisway?
    am recevied msg that am won 500000 in uk.
    ask my details from sms.
    i know it’s fake

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Karthika,
      This particular trick is only restricted to calls as of now, but that could change. Messages like the one you mentioned are another common trick as well.

  • Thanks for the useful information, is there any security that can protect my blackberry device.

    thanks once again, because i have the habbit of calling the missed call numbers, hence forth i will not, particularly unknown numbers

  • thanks for updating this

  • Thanks alot for giving information

  • O God it is not too much.In India the hackers gives missed call to smart phone holders.When the missed call received person call’s then the hacker will suck all details from the prey smart phone.Then the hackers start to steal the money from prey’s bank account.one of the new couple take the personel video in the smart phone.The hackers block mailed them with that video.So it is adviceble not to respond calls from unknowen persons.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Raja,
      Thanks for sharing that information. It will prove useful to everyone. It is best to avoid taking calls from strange numbers and it is also advisable to install Quick Heal Mobile Security on your smartphone.

  • Hi… getting a similar call from a number starting with +37…. what about that…?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Rajeev,
      That code is part of the country code for Germany so that is where this call originated from.

      • hi rahul,
        you are giving very good information.today i got a call with unknown number with +301 and i lifted that call. but he spoke only 20 sec and that i was not able to hear what he is saying. is that call safe for me or anyone trying to hack.please give information.
        Thank you

        • Rajib Singha

          Hi Judasingh,

          It is less likely that someone is trying to hack your phone. However, we recommend you not to call back on this number. And if you are frequently getting such calls, then you can use Quick Heal Total Security for Android to block calls and SMSs from such numbers.


  • yes… got another one from +92… ignored it… thanks buddy…

  • Thanks MR Rahul,
    I also received 4 to 5 missed calls from an unknown number staring with series +92.. i did not reply to them.I suggest that our govt. should do some thing to prevent such forged calls. what do u say ?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Mahesh,
      Yes you are right, our Government should act. They do have departments that look into such matters though. We can all do our part in the meantime.

  • Hi.
    recently i got a string of calls from number starting with +44.
    I got near about 10 calls from different numbers at an interval of 1 hr.
    /they were not missed calls but when i picked no one would say any thing and the call would disconnect after exactly 4 seconds.any idea what it might be?
    *my balance didn’t get deducted.*

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Shashwat,
      Thanks for sharing. +44 is the country code for UK. However, your balance did not get deducted because you did not call the number, merely answered. We suggest you do not make calls to such numbers.

  • I have recived phone like this ,,,but i avoided…so many time it was one ring and ,,,miscall…i call one time she took for ten seconds she cut down….then i never tried…and now it is not comming…..

  • yes sir i also get short miss calls from internationa code +92 any times how to safe my mobile from these call

  • HI Rahul,
    Thanks for the information, this will surely help us in future…..

  • Dear, Thanks for updating and sharing a very useful information
    Keep it up!

  • hello

    i got two time missed called from on number the number is +401100200 when i call this number again but it was engaged

    please suggest

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Praveen,
      +40 is the country code for Romania. Unless you have a relative or a friend there, this was exactly the kind of attack described in the post. Please check such numbers on the Internet before calling back. Thanks.

      • MR. RAHUL ITS CALLED INTERNATIONAL SHARE REVENUE FRAUDING(ISRF) .its stared from Columbia and its route through the simbox it is located to land the call on it it will terminate immediately and coasted you some how money as a deduction from ur account(cell phone).

        • Rahul Thadani

          Hi Ankit,
          International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) that you speak of is a kind of fraud wherein SIM cards that are enabled for international roaming are used to make local calls by victims. Thus they are charged international rates without their knowledge. The fraud that we are speaking of here is the ‘Wangiri’ fraud.

  • Now a days mails that say-“You won a sweepstake lottery of Microsoft” or “your mail Id has won Rs.450 Crores in Punjab lottery” Mails from rich widows wanting help to transfer millions of dollars to India. etc. has become so common. Net has become accessible even to little children today. Possibility of youngsters falling for this is possible. As you said, wide communication is a must to fight this menace. Thanks for sharing the Wangiri Fraud with us.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Biju,
      Yes there are many threats all around us today and we must be aware and vigilant at all times. If such information is shared quickly, a lot of people can be spared.
      Thanks for your inputs.

  • Thanks dear Rahul ji for educating the peoples, very nice of u keep it please.

  • I got a missed call From +44 three days before at night. I switch off the mobile.


  • good to provide me the useful information secondly its a good education us to

    stay away with such fraud people.

  • thanks for the info

  • I got a call from many times from this Number (1409430035) and i f i attend the call they don’t speak at all and it will disconnect within few secs.I never called back but i am getting this call daily since many days.

  • I got a missed call from this number last week and unknowingly i called the number without looking for the number and its originating location. They were offering some kind of reward won in a lottery. I immediately disconnected the call. this is totally foolish.

  • Thanks a lot Rahul for highlighting this. I have also received calls starting from +2399882138 & +905922112934.I have 2 cell connections, of Idea & Reliance. I have received these calls on only Idea cell – never on Reliance. I dont know what is the reason. Did not get satisfactory reply from Cust Care !
    Thanks for updating once again.

  • recently i have received a call from +4065 but i did not respond.is it a fraud call

  • which site we have to check about the foreign no. on internt

    • Rahul Thadani

      You can just check the number on Google.

      • Today moring I have received a miss call from +923361497470

        What should I do should I inform to any appropriate authority if any

        Please suggest.

  • Dear Rahul,
    I got a miss call from different countries which I checked on net from Ethopia, Algeria , Pakistan. Thanks for the Info but henceforth I will try to avoid.
    Anil Joshi

  • Hi. Sameer
    This is very serious. missed call in midnight becomes herrasing, i have complained to Hutch for police inquiry,Also search this No. +224 from Geineva & +235 ISD code from Santa luise,
    I want to ask , Pl don’t received this calls in general & anger also

  • thanks a lot for the same

  • Hi Rahul,
    I think receiving a call from any unknown international number will not cost any danger to the people. Correct me if i am wrong.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sandip,
      You are right about that. Simply receiving a call will not incur any charges.

  • i did’t receive

  • Thanks Rahul, really useful stuff. Will be very careful henceforth in avoiding international missed calls.



  • i hav received such call it has been between 8-10 am… same no has been also called 2 my frd.. also ma frd lost 60 rs just for 5 sec call… n one responded only call was picked up…

  • Thanks Rahul, for sharing this very important information about these calls. I had been called several times by on of these numbers and fortunately didn’t call back. Thanks to you, Now I know what it was. This article will help me a lot informing my friends who are also getting these kind of calls about the Wangiri scam.



  • Thanks for valuable advice,

  • Thanks for the information. It is really a yeoman’s task, which you have been doing for the sake of humanity.

  • thnxx alot buddy

  • Yes ,I did get missed call from “Unknown”.But I did not call back.Thanks for guidance.Apart from calls I am getting dozen of mails daily with strange senders names ( Tawsha Wetheril,Rebeca Wolfsfeld,Sabrina, ConnerCarmencita Sorabella ,Gerta Donlonand )subjects.Senders are different everyday.On opening them ,they instruct to click on website given.Some mails offer some drugs,medicines.I just delete them now.Kindly guide ,how all of sudden the spate of such mails have started.I suspect some trap.

  • Thanks for the update, Rahul. But my husband has already been the victim. He is the sales head of a company so he’s to attend many calls a day. He mistakenly did called back a number and it cost him around Rs.250.

  • Thank’s for the awareness. I dont’t in any case call back to unknown missed calls & neither do I take unknown calls. I will pass on the message to the people I know.

  • my brother was recently caught up in this mess 2 months back.his bill never used to exceed more than 500 rupees in a month once he got a call from some number starting with +345, he called back and got no answer from ther end. Withn one week his bill amount crossed more than 5000/- and thetelecom operator intimated us to pay the bill or else they would stop providing service to my brothers number.when we told them to provide us details about to whom the calls were made we found out that all the calls were made top brazil ,sudan, USA,dubai etc etc, in our live we hve never called in village also because we dont hve rerlatives or contacts outside mumbai….


  • I have received a couple of calls with the +312 or some code.
    I always have my mobile with me and I have a curious habit of
    picking up the call in one or two rings. Will that give the
    callers a shock?? If so why not receive these calls, rather
    than call them back and become a fool ourselves?

  • thanks dear ,this incident happened with me too.

  • thanks for update and such information.

  • Never call back unknown number which is always going to be a good way to overcome such Premium number gangs !!

  • thanks for such a wonderful and important information

  • Do these call scammers call from Indian mobile number also or only from international numbers starting from +

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Ashish,
      A majority of these scammers have used international numbers as the rates applicable to international calls are higher. But it is possible that a few Indian numbers have been involved as well.

  • Hey, thanks Bro, i also got one missed call on 21 jully number starting with +923057126023 as soon as I read that number starting with +92 i didn’t call back. Well thanks for detailed information provided.

  • I recieved call from +447937949157 ,and +447937947112 un known nos to me.
    I did not call them back,
    Thanks for your advice.

  • If you Recieve them what will happen, ???

    • Rahul Thadani

      HI A.P.Dwivedi,
      If you receive the call nothing would happen in most cases. However, we cannot discount the possibility that receiving a call might lead to another form of attack.

  • Dear Rahul, this is very useful information u have given to QH users. I have some tips for this. U can try out.
    – If these calls are International calls , then they will be of the pattern
    [+ISDCODE (10digit your no.)] e.g. A) if call is from Pakistan then it will be [+929912345678]. Here +92 indicates ISD call. B) In case of call within country it will be [+919912345678].
    C) However this may confuse with subscriber of TATA .But then within country no.will be [+919212345678].
    D)As such one should be cautious and call back only after ascertaining 10digit mobile no. & prefix ISD code.
    E) In case of calls from landline it will be slightly tricky as many STD code appears with + prefix . However here also 10digit formula applies. After +91 the telephone will have [(STDCODE TEL NO)]=10digit. i.e. call from mumbai will look like [+91 2223456789) & call from Shillong will look like
    (+913642345678). All STD calls have prefix as “0” or “+91″ but ISD will have “00” or “+xy” any thing else then 91.
    F) On very much safer side go to Phone setup, search for “Call Barring ” feature & Bar outgoing International calls. This will help in restricting ISD calls.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Thanks for the wonderful information Ajay. I’m sure all readers will benefit from that.

  • Thanks Rahul..! Very useful information.

  • Thanks for sharing this information recently my sister & father was victim of this scam, they lost Rs 30.00 each for calling the missed call……….


    Lekhraj Damah

  • Dear Rahul,

    Thanks for awareness, just yesterday I got a short missed call from +447937947157. I thought it must be my relative who would be calling me from U.K., so I called back on the same no. But to my surprise I heard abusive languages on it, hearing that i got shocked and hanged up the phone.

    Well i have aware about same to my colleagues and family members.

  • very well information. Thanks dear.

  • Thanks man,
    in last 3 day, i received at least 5 call from unknown number such as +911409733000, +914043405470 and more.


  • hi rahul i dont get missed calls but i get many messages form a same mobile no that you have won a prize of 10lacks is this a spam??

    • Rahul Thadani

      Yes Sam it is. You should not fall for such messages.

  • Dear Rahul
    Here is another Problem which I would like to share here
    I am getting SMS saying



    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi R.D.Patil,
      These are known as 419 scams. If you use Quick Heal Mobile Security you can utilize the SMS blocking feature to prevent messages from black listed numbers from reaching your inbox.

  • Hi , Thanks for valuable update. we should take care for the same.

  • Thanks Rahul

    Really it is so helpful bro.

  • Thanks Rahul.
    I Got simillar missed calls from ISD Code +23 , +24 which are South African Countries, but I Ignored as non of my friends n relatives are there.
    Thanks for sharing this important info.

  • Yes Rahul, I too received such call from number : +923087890667 tonight.But I did not call back and ignored.Thanks for your help in sharing and spreading the information about this scam among the people .Thanks for your update.

    NK Sharma

  • Is it possible that those people would call again and again on that same number? ’cause my mom was getting missed calls from the same unknown number at regular intervals of time…
    And are there new numbers coming up? recently i got a call from a number starting from +33

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Tannavi,
      Yes it is possible to get repeated calls from some of the numbers.

      • Can we get rid of these numbers by filing a complaint at the network offices?

        • Rahul Thadani

          Hi Tannavi,
          That is certainly an option. But a lot of comments that we have received have stated that calling the network offices has not really provided helpful solutions. Nevertheless, you can call them and inform them about these numbers so that they can do their part.


  • I got a miss call recently..but when I called back, the person asked “who are you”…… and when I read this, I got scared, but slowly realized that it was nothing of that stuff. Well, thanks..

  • thx for such a useful information.I recently received fraud call of this type and ignored it. Now,after going through this article I came to the real story.

  • This is a very useful piece of info. Thanks a lot! keep it up!

  • Today i got a missed call from the number starting with +92….. & by mistake i called back .Now what’s the solution ? what should i do ? is my SIM cloned ?please help me @MR.Rahul Thadani .

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Anushka,
      Don’t worry your SIM is not cloned. In all likelihood, you got charged a hefty amount for that call. In the future please do not call back on such numbers.

  • Thank u Rahul to alert for all usres. I got miss call recently +44, but i am ignore this call. Again Thank u for suggest.

  • thanx for this update and once this has happened with me also so plz everybody be careful

  • Thanks for the update.Recently the new series of number has started.They have started calling from number originating from +44.Guys take care

  • yes, we have recd. miss call from +44 code, so you have any information regarding this number.

  • thanks a lot rahul……….

  • Thanks Mr. Rahul for sharing this, I had recd. one call with +42… is it same?
    Thanks again,

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sukhvinder,
      Yes this is the same scam that we have mentioned in the post.

  • Update is not avilablt . plze send me update idea. “UPDATE” 00977-097-620061 “Nepal” Katahmandu “Achham”

  • Yes, I have got couple of calls but did not respond as I was little suspicious and +92 made more of that. Thanks for cautioning.

  • thanks dear Rahul,yes i had misscall from +92… no. But i didn’t ans back. What should we do incase of such type of misscall/calls. Pls. give advice.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Pravas,
      The best thing to do in case of such calls is to not call back. You can also try contacting your service provider to inform them about the number. Also, if you own a smartphone you can utilize the call blocking feature in the Quick Heal Mobile Security product.

  • thanks,

  • Thanks.Pl keep cont.
    massages like this.

  • Dear Sir, I am Mr.P.Leijat Wangsuham Konyak of district on of State Nagaland (India). I would like to draw your kind attention for favour of your kind necessary step please Sir. My recent victims and an incident is such that on 7th of July 2012 i received a message through my email id from Coca-Cola Company United Kingdom (UK) stating that my email id have won a prize money of $500,000,00 GB Pound (Rupess Five Hundred thousand Great British Pounds) in the Coca-Cola Promotion Lottery draw in London United Kingdom. In the next mail they asked for my details and home address as their company representative (Agent) or the senior UK diplomat would come to my home town to hand over that the prize money. they said one of their company agent name Mr.Johnken is arriving at the Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi and contacted me through which i had given my contact number ans said the Indian Airport Authority Custom clearance charge is Rs. 22,500/- which charged at the Airport and said he would be moving

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi P.Leijat Wangsuham,
      Regretfully, you have fallen for one of the most common email scams. You need to contact your local authorities to report this matter. You must never believe that you have won a lottery that you have never bought a ticket for. All the best for your situation.

  • yes it is helpful for us. thank you.

  • today i got 6 calls from a no +911204724390 from1232 to 1735 . 4 times i received and rest twice i disconnected. i’ve no idea who’s doing this mischief.also in past few days i received miscalls from +92 nos several times.

  • Hey but how we can trace the number..???
    can u give any informaion about it..??

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Anshul,
      There is no way to trace the number as law enforcement agencies are the only ones who can do this. However, you can search for the country code of the number that calls you and find the country of origin, via the web.

  • Thanks a lot, for such precious information. Actually i have been receiving such calls from no starting with +92….. but i never picked call suspecting it to be a hacking call. Well Now I am sure not respond such calls anymore and to educate about this to my frenz. also.
    Well please be kind to tell us whether same risk lies in calls from nos. starting with +91…..
    Further I have heard that there some callers who also behave in this way, and attending their calls or replying to them results in hacking of ours’ no., in which all our calls and messages get recorded somewhere. Is it true? If yes, how to safeguard ourselves….

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Jai,
      The same risk is there with numbers starting with +91 too but since these are numbers from India there is only so much one can do. Usually this scam is seen with international numbers since the rates are higher. If you receive a call and find it suspicious you must immediately hang up. Moreover, if you use a smartphone you should consider installing a security suite like Quick Heal Mobile Security for enhanced protection.

  • Sir a hell of lot of times on my mother’s cellphone i have received messages
    of winning $200,000,000,000 .it never ask for bank details but ask for name and valid address,also at the end of the message some [///] are made.
    So what i should do ?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Shrey,
      It is best to not respond to such messages. That is the best course of action to take. If the phone is a smartphone you can install Quick Heal Mobile Security and utilize the various features that are provided.





  • i got a call from +3082786, i received it, and said hello but no answer from other side, it was 11 seconds duration.
    my query is what would be result, shall this to be charged to my phone bill (post paid).
    if any one have the answer please let me know.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sumit,
      +30 is the country code for Greece. If you have received the call then you shall not be charged anything. However, if you called the number back then you would have been charged money.

  • Sir, thanks for the information. Old age peoples like me will definitely help this. With regards.

  • thanks rahul. thanks a lot for taking initiative to make us aware of those scams. But one thing i want to inform that at about 9 months ago, i received a miss call from a number starting from +2. like other victims, i made a call back in that number and some one received my call and start speak(male voice) in HINDI. even he started with saying “namaste”. soon i got that he had an intention of making unnecessary prolonged conversation, and then after 5 seconds, i disconnected. i was charged Rs. 12. my question is that was i surely became the victim of only stealing money and nothing else???? is there any possibility that my phone number had been used for any other unscrupulous purpose or whether my phone number get involved in any kind of unsocial or terrorism activity?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Subhajit,
      So far this scam has only been used to steal money from people. We do not believe that your number could have been used for any anti-social activity like you fear.

  • yes i have receive a call from +5432169667358, can i know country code of dis no.?plz…..is dis the same scam …plz tell me

    • Rahul Thadani

      HI Siddharth,
      +54 is the country code for Argentina. It is possible that you got a call from there under this scam, but we cannot be completely sure about that. It is best to not call the number back.

  • Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for this info. I was searching if some one had posted about it. I just now I got miss call from +2399825611 and once called backup few girls randomly picking the phone each time and talking very sweetly. They don’t no English properly but trying to adjust. Seems to be from outer India or Pakistan.

    If you say your location blindly, they saying they also from that location or nearby location and trying to make friendship. Main idea is to keep us in phone and get the charge credited to their lobby. I had backlisted these number in Blackberry servers and that was my main objective. But internationally Telecom authority have to do strict measure to stop it.

  • Thanks a lot rahul

  • Just got missed call from +2399882138 and i started googling to know that which country has this ISD code and found yr blog.

    Appreciated a lot dude. Keep doing well

    Thanks :)

  • Yah ! i have also been called by such a no . one ring and cut !! but i diidnt respond to that shit !! >:O

  • thanks dude!

  • Please add The new no which starts from +723. My bro got call from this no and other party just said HELLO and disconnect. His Rs 12 balance get deducted.

  • I also got a miss call from +447937947157 & it is also one of the fake calls we are receiving these days

  • yes dear, just now my friend got a call from +24 and the lady opposite side introduced as Sonia and started chatting and within seconds logged off. abt Rs100 is deducted from the account.
    any way thanks for your information

  • Just got 2 missed calls from +246866549. I tried calling them but fortunately I was out of India last month so my telecom operator has deactivated my ISD services. Now when I searched google before calling back on this number, I found this blog which is very useful. Much Appreciated.

  • Hi Rahul

    i am recieving calls from +4065 twice almost every week from last 3-4 months between around 1.45 am to 2.30 am…..just recieved 3 rings and call ended up…never picked it up being scared about any scam….plz help…i am really disturbed…

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sunil,
      This is just a trick to convince you to call back on these numbers. If you do not call back you will be safe from this scam.

  • Dear rahul,when i call back at +4065 ,dialling number doesn’t exists …can it be a call fro internet service or likewise????

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sunil,
      If you have no idea about the source of the call, it is advisable to not call back on the number. This is part of the scam that we have mentioned in the post.

  • rahul yesterday i got missed call frm a number starting from 44. I have not understood and called back to that number. I heard some recording and disconnect the call. and that call cost 20 rs. for 2 mints. I am very worried now. I want to ask u that are they only utilize that money or they also can copy my phone details. i have also talked to customer care but their response is not good. what should i do now. plz advise…….

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Arnab,
      No they will not be able to get your phone details. This scam is only about making money through these premium-rate numbers.

  • Thanks Rahul for such important information. Recently I have got calls from 2-3 Indian numbers between 11pm to 6 am, next day when I called them back to know who it was, they said they have got call from my number. how is this possible? What should be my action on this? Is this some kind of trick by pranksters? Do I need to lodge complaint?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sushil,
      If you were charged normal rates for this call then it cannot be a part of this scam. However, it could be another mode of attack. When you speak to the person on the other line and it seems suspicious, just hang up.

  • Hii Rahul
    I just got a missed call from a no. +242050823281 but internet says dat no country has an ISD code of +24.
    Do you think dat it is possibly a wangiri call.

  • hi guys.. I too just got a call from +242050823283 and I missed the call. But i dint activated ISD. So couldnt call back. Just googled for ist code and came here. THanks for the information.

    I got the call around 12 25 AM Oct 21 (midnight).

    This number looks similar to the one that anup has posted..

  • Am also got miss call from this no…+242050823283

  • I missed a call from exactly the same number. Did pick it up some two three times.

  • Today i got a call from +911204724390
    They said its a customer care call from Axis bank, i spoke for 1 min 15 secs and tried calling back, it says that no such number exists.

    • Vinay Das, I also got few calls from the same number today. When picked up, nobody responded. The STD code 120 belongs to Ghaziabad.

  • hi, bro same here with same number 923057126023
    5 nov,2012

  • Great effort.
    Thanks a ton…

  • i received this stupid missed call at 6 AM while I was deep asleep, since lot of my work is international I called back and heard the recorded message, so i hanged up ! later a bit of goggling and found your link, it explains everything ! the number was +24105328376

    One good way to differentiate is that if you call back, the call will be immediately picked up. You can hang it back the same instant. you will loose some money, for sure, but it wont be more then 20-40 Rs. Its the only way for those who actually make ISD calls.

    If you use android phones, you can use call blockers applications.

  • I too did received calls from the following numbers during odd hours
    1. +12173989544
    2. +381
    3. +15167469209
    4. +301
    5. +17188229084
    6. Unknown number – No number
    7. +16306539660
    8. +13034998790
    9. +17038802686
    and also +24105328376

    The person on the other side do speak some non sense.
    Do these numbers also belong to the scam mentioned here.
    Numbers seem to be masked.
    Is there any way to unmask these numbers?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Bhab,
      Yes this seems to be a part of this same scam. It does not seem like the numbers are masked. A simple Google search can show you which country these numbers originate from.

      • Hi Rahul,

        Thanks for the reply. I tried finding out the country from google, but the caller speaks in Hindi which is weird to know that the ISD callers from some countries speaking Hindi. Also it is unlikely that the same mobile number is attacked from these many different ISD numbers. I tried to find ways to unmask the numbers but could not.

    • Hello,
      I’m french and I live in the suburbs of Paris.
      I often get calls from this number “+12173989544″
      which is also in your list.
      But this is not an international prefix.
      Did you receive answers to your question.
      I never responds to these calls, the answering machine and I just the following message: “Goodbye”



      • Rahul Thadani

        Hi Jean-Luc,
        +1 is the country code for the USA. It is possible that this call originated from there but it is hard to say for sure. The best thing for you to do is ignore the calls as you have been doing already.

  • Hi Rahul,

    I too got a call from +92-3067057762 number today. They were saying that i have won some 25 lakhs as a lottery amount. As i heard some time back about such calls i disconnected the call after hearing this things. I hope that they have not cloned my number. I am really afraid now. I called the service provider to know the charges of my last received call but they were unable to provide me the details of the charges they i may have incurred receiving that call.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Anjali,
      You will not be charged for receiving such calls. Since you hung up quickly, there is no other threat you are susceptible to.

  • i rcvd mis cal thrice from this no. +914043405470
    seems fraud caller.

  • I also got called and answered from this number,2 times,I think it’s very weird,it’s creeping me out +99990917108

  • i got a call from +224 at 1.30am
    do u knw rahul where is this cl belongs from?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Babu,
      This country code belongs to the Republic of Guinea from Africa.

  • hi..
    i got all frm number +37127698526 +37127698518 +37127698515 today frm morning onwards ,, i took the call bt it got cut,, and third i didnt took.. bt i dodnt nt calld back to any number just attend only for two ..i have heard of this type of fake isd calls so i DIDNT CALLBACK So didnt loose money bt i want to knw whether i will loose any of details feeded in mobile like contact num of frnd ,,and phots if i attend this type of isd calls m most frnd and families are abroad ,i asking abt ,,((if i attend this call not when i call back )), will u plz reply me and help me ,,..

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sara,
      No you will not lose any data or information in this scenario so do not worry.

      • hi rahul ,

        thanx a lot….

  • Can someone tell me origin of no. +911400850805 rcd on mb in Delhi? no one spoke after the phone was picked. Also, dial back seems not possible using prefix 00 1400 850 805.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Numbers that start with ‘+91-1400′ are telemarketing calls that originate from India. The Government has made it mandatory that this prefix be visible to receivers.

  • I am receiving call from +912242137000 & when I am receiving it, it starts calling back to this no. back.

  • Hello Rahul
    I just bought an uninor sim.. I am getting bulk of miscalls and sometimes calls from some numbers. I am little afraid of this now. Is anything I can do?
    I talked customer care 5 times and blocked 12 numbers but everytime now there is a new no. Please help me….
    I can give you some numbers…
    2. +16077349187
    3. +8801942942250
    4. +15124770300

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Raj,
      It is hard to say whether these numbers are fake and part of the Wangiri scam. They could also be potential telemarketing calls since you have got a new SIM card. As solutions, you can continue blocking these numbers. You can also register your number as a DND (do not disturb) number to avoid marketing calls. Lastly, do not call back on these numbers if you are doubtful.

  • Thank you Rahul

    Appreciate the information

    Found you post while trying to see who called.

    Have been getting calls in quick succession from


  • I got a missed call with +88 (Bangladesh),
    I was amaized,
    then just waited a day and did a ‘one ring and cut’,
    with in a minute got a missed call with +1 (USA),
    then I was sure it is a fraud case (some of my friends travel to Bangladesh,I needed to be sure),
    and looked it up in QH’s blog,
    thank you for this detailed information.

  • Hi Rahul,

    I received a call today from +4065 but didnt pick the call. I was trying to google the number and landed in your page.

    Thank you for detailed information on IPRN number and how it works. Its really helpful.

    My question :
    – is +4065 a IPRN number and can we tracked from which country the call was received?

    – How can i stop receiving such call?

  • aaj mere no. Par +34 se call aaya tha. Acha hua ye info. Maine pad li thi. Thanks sir.

  • i received a call from +243820394844 at 2:16 pm India, time at the other side was saying ” hi i want to talk to you ,muje tum se baat karni hai call me back call me back ” i was confused i have not called back and went to sleep ….. what should do now ?

    • Sanjay Katkar

      Looks like this is a new scam. Avoid responding to such calls.

  • hi rahul

    today at around 7.30 my phone restarted on its own but i ignored it as my phone is old junk of LG. but a hour later when i tried to call my friend , the IVRS said that i dnt have any balance. i was surprised as i was having a 45 rs balance just few min earlier. when i checked my dialed list there was outgoing call from my no with duration of 4.06 min. and the no was +447968637858.

    i m sure that i have not made any calls thought my phone shows and my operator says. what should i do if my phone is hacked?

    • Sanjay Katkar

      This is most probably premium number calling Trojan. You need to install Mobile Security in your smartphone to protect it from such Trojans. You can download free trial version of Quick Heal Mobile Security from Google Android market.

  • i also got miss call from two numbers,and I called back to one number,he told me, he is calling from karachi,he told me your number owned 1 crore rupees, and he given me one number starts from 0092 something (i forgotted),it is computerised, it will answer, how can u get the prize, for this i was charged 39 rupees, his number starts from +92039662092, another one is +923044389675

    please beware of this frauds

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Raju,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us and our readers.


  • i m again and again getting a call atleast 12 times from two day in b/w 9 to 10… i m scared the no, like +301,+6744,+12345678901…

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Nargish,

      Why don’t you try Quick Heal Mobile Security. With its help, you can block calls and sms from unknown numbers. You can visit Google Play store to try out our product.


  • This is absolutely true and if you had not posted this I would have unnecessarily wasted my time and also money.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Hi,
    This morning I got call from ISD nos. but as I avoid picking unknown nos. I did not take the call but the caller kept callig continuously and each time the nos. would change. The nos. are

    Thereafter again in the afternoon I get calls from the strange nos. in quick succession but again I did not take these calls. This time the nos. were

    I don’t understand the purpose of these calls as it does not appear to be call back fraud. Does someone has any idea about these calls???

    • Rajib Singha

      Hello Kamal,

      As it has been mentioned in the post, tracing the origin of these calls is difficult, and can only be done with the help of law and enforcement. We strongly recommend you not to call these numbers back. You can make use of Quick Heal Mobile Security and block calls from numbers not known to you. You can even block SMSs from unwanted or unknown numbers. To know more about the product, you can go to the Google Play Store.


  • i received a call from country code +381
    the number is not mentioned and whenever i try to call back that is a wrong number
    what is this type of scam call

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Ashu,

      To be on a safer side, we would advise you not to call back numbers that seem strange or unusual.


  • My female friend has been receiving calls from a +44 number since some time. Its a lady dowsing in Hindi from the other side. Skill she all she does is abuse and ask about her whereabouts and these are proper phone calls. No missed calls as such. She patched me in, that lady heard my voice, asked who i am and disconnected. Any idea as to what this is?

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Goks,

      It cannot be said for certain whether the caller is an online scammer or a miscreant. If the call is becoming a nuisance, then you can lodge a complaint with the police. Alternatively, you can block the number with the mobile security solution that Quick Heal offers. To know how this product can help you, visit http://www.quickheal.co.in/quick-heal-mobile-security.


  • I have been sent a message saying that these calls download all details and data from the phone in 3 seconds. Is that true?

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi MS,

      The message might be hoax. However, to be on a safer side, we would advise you to install a security software on your phone. This way you can prevent an attacker from downloading any data from your phone.


  • Hi Friends,

    I am also receiving one ring miss call from many international location. My phone balance was hugely deducted when I called back. After calling it back… its either taped message in unknown language or just system ring. That’s how I walked into trap.

    After I was cheated in such a way, I decided not to call back nor to pay attention to such calls. Moreover I receive such call at any time .. day or nigh or midnight or dawn. I just ignore them. If some one has to talk me from an international location, he will either allow me to pick up the phone ….(will not disconnect with one ring only) or will call back to me again even if I miss his call.

    I think, these cheaters may get our phone numbers from job portals where we register our all information with contact details.

  • HiRahul,

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I also got missed call from CONGO Countrys’ Number.
    Number was : +242-800101352 (One Ring And Cut)
    This is my nature that to any unknown number I never called back if I ever got any missed call.

    But I was curious about to know that how my number would be known to any another country’s person.

    Then came to know through True Caller that this number was shared by 231 people as a spam.

    Seriously you are right that this may be used for getting huge amount from your balance.

  • Good your site

  • Thanks a lot, this was the best information. Even i had got two calls from +24 number. Now i got that what was the matter.
    Thanks once again

  • But mostly misscalls CLI ids european and african countries because that countries carrier offer premium numbers But pakistan and india dont have india premium numbers so when cli came +91 or +92 that mean some is use non cli routes as in pakistan and india too many peoples doing NON CLI routes with Gateways for thats CLI is pak or india , or any other country real number

  • i am using quick heal tablet security , as far i have call block feature in quick heal i want know how to block a call starting from a series they are calling number start (+9144……. ) all stating with this , but remaining will change i want to to block all call starting with 44 . i will proivide you samples if i block one they use another but starting will be same ( +9144……….)
    these are the i have already blocked but they change last eight digit and call.. Dialy 5 to 15 calls

    samples +914433844700 ,+914440452350, +914430960400, +914430703300, +914442475500, +914440452300

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sajan,

      Unfortunately, we do not have this call block feature for tablets wherein you can block all incoming calls with a particular prefix. One solution for you is to add these numbers to the blacklist and block them. I believe this is something you are doing. Unfortunately, this will be a bit tedious for you as each number will have to be entered individually. Another option is to block all calls from non-contacts. This also may not be the ideal solution for you.

      We have noted your feedback regarding this feature and will work towards implementing it in future versions and updates. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Best regards.

  • Just received an unknown call from Romania +40 518907052. A lady speaking slowly English, telling she is from some sort of Global Technician company, which has the permission to give support to all windows users. She was telling that there was some ‘very dangerous files’ infecting many windows operating systems. The reason she was calling was the hear if i had a certain program in my program files folder.

    Before we made it this far she wanted to know what antivirus program i was running. I then changed the subject and asked for her full name, and if they had website i could look into. She answered that the company behind was called Azuri and that i could find all about them at google. In the meantime I’d already search for this company and only found a solar power company. I told her that i was already looking and that i only could find this Azuri Technologies and continued saying that I couldn’t understood how anything about her call was related to a power company. She then suddenly hang up on the phone without saying anything…

  • I got an message from this no 9555729465 saying your GSM no. has won Rs 2crore 35 lacs INR in 2014 ICC Cricket award UK/India to claim send name /address/phone/age/sex/occupation to ukiccclaims@xbmail.com
    Plz…….tell me what to do

    • Rahul Thadani


      Kindly ignore this message as there is no such award. This is a scam.


  • Hi Rahul,

    I too received the call from the number starting with ISD code +44 and sicne I was in a meeting, I answered the call but there was no one on the other end. The call lasted for almost 10-15 seconds.

    I just want to know whether answering calls from such numbers is also a risky venture, and if so what precautions I shall take hereafter, since I was on their call for 10-15 seconds.

    I have heard from some people that such callers can steal details regarding credit cards and other private things from our cell phones.

    How is it possible for them to do so?

    Your answer would be appreciated.


    Ranjit Hirode

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Ranjit,

      Answering calls from such numbers is not risky, at least not right now. But it is possible that attackers may soon devise a way to gain information in this manner as well. The best thing to do is not answer calls from suspicious country codes, unless you know someone there. Stay aware about the popular country codes. Also, if you pick up a call like this, or receive several missed calls repeatedly, do not call back on that number.

      Best regards.

      • Thanks Rahul!

  • Just started getting calls today from Romania. Did not answer of course but the number traced back to a forest in Romania. +40(251)732-37 was the number that called me. Been searching for an explanation and I think this is best on this website so I’m posting the number in case anyone has it happen to them and they gts. Thank you

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Jerry,

      Thank you for sharing this.

      Best regards.

  • i had just got a call from the number stating with +92 i thought anonymous and it was shown that it was from pakistan.so i just thought to know about such anonymus calls and i found your post.Thanks for the post..make ppl aware of this ,so that they will not fall in this trap.

  • Hi Rahul…thanks for information….I just got a missed call in morning of 23 May 2014 from an number with code +92…I was unable to answer as I was busy in some work..But I called that number ..hopefully I was said by the company that u don’t have this facility on your mobile…On the same day that night I received another call from that same number and I accepted the call….there was a person who said “Hello”….Than I also said “Hello” and he just ended the call…today is 24 March 2014 when I read your blog…Do I need to worry because I didn’t called him basically ….

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Kamin,

      Your concern is real but you need not worry as you did not call that number back. So no harm can come to your device and your data.

      Best regards.

  • Yes Rahul, I got a miss call from +2247……, when called back, 11 rupees had deducted from my balance in 5 seconds.

  • First of all thanks a lot for enlightening the Aam Aadmi. I too got lot of missed calls earlier it was from Toll free like Nos, I did not answer. Now I am getting a miss call from +918040204020. After carefully scrutinizing the Mob No, it seems it is premium No. Means the “Wangiri” fraud surfaced in India also………..

  • Hello friends .
    Today i recieved a call from +279020675.
    As i am from punjab he was also speaking punjabi.
    he asked me that what is ur name.
    I told him u first tell whom u hav called. He said i called Atal bihari vajpayee. I hang up.

    so my question is that was it a fraud call or it was a call from the internet like the ones which come from applications such as textme( textme gives number starting from +44..)

    • Rajib Singha

      Hello Prabhjot,

      You took the right measure by not giving the caller your name, and by hanging up. Most probably, it was a fraud call or at the least, a prank call. It cannot be said for certain that the call was made using the Internet.


  • hi sir,
    i had received a call from the no. +4065,one person speaking unnecessarily and suspend the call. Then i tried to make call to that number,but i heard that the number doesn’t exist,which number it is

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Kiruba,

      Thank you for writing to us. As advised in the post, please do not call back such numbers. Although no one may speak from the other end, the call may cost you for nothing.


  • These number eg +4065 can be used for many purposes but most of the time it is used for illegal means.

    In some countries, they will call you claiming you won some prizes and as part of verification they will like you to revel your name,DOB,address etc etc… Effectively what they have done is got information about you from you. These information can be used for many dirty purposes in future.

    In some countries, these numbers are used by loan sharks. Then will call you and threaten you to transfer some amount (1-10K) to a particular bank account.Failure to do so, they will claim they will harm you and your family. Possibly they could have got your information as mentioned in the above paragraph.

    How other ways do they get our information ?
    1) Surveys… if you have habit of filling up surveys, you have given away your personal particulars.
    2)Some marts may give you membership discount cards and for that you will be revealing your information again…
    3)In some countries, there are cases of black sheeps in banks who has revealed client account information and balance information to these syndicates.
    4)Most common is, they have a black sheep as part of telco helpdesk. These helpdesk agents can they retrieve your information and pass to these syndicates.

    So what can you do?
    Never share your information to ANY unreliable sources.
    Have a habit of changing passwords and even mobile numbers.
    Try not to participate in surveys or discount cards

    Most importantly…when you receive calls from funny numbers such as +4065 indicates the caller does not want you to know his real number. Why would a caller wants to hide his number? unless he has a bad motive obviously….

    so if you receive calls from funny numbers,unknown overseas numbers or even private numbers, never answer them. To avoid your frustrations, install call blockers and add these number in so that these calls will automatically be terminated without getting your attention.

    So keep safe friends…

  • i wanted to ask if i called back but immediately hang up before someone answers,will the information in my phone be stolen?

    • Rahul Thadani


      No your information will not get stolen in such a scenario.


  • The Number I received a call from is:


    I picked up the call, but NO RESPONSE.. But, when I dialled : +91 22 39832240 (without +440), the phone bell range and someone picked up the call, but no response..

    What to do..???

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Rajat,

      We strongly recommend you not to call back on unfamiliar numbers. Even if you should call, verify if the number is from your country or somewhere else.


  • Thanks Rahul ! This was a great help as i get these pesky missed calls frequently. now i know what its all about ! please continue doing a great job and valuable service to everyone ! Best wishes.

  • Hey. .i got cl from 9197. .n 9171. . .it luks like they were ordinary numbers u knw nt startng wid 92 or 44 or 23 or else. . I missd dm. .bt when i cld bck . .d cmp tells dat d numbrs r wrng nd dsnt exist. .r dey fraud . .or sm1 plyng pranks. .pls rly

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Piku,

      We strongly advise you not to call back on numbers that you are unfamiliar with. Doing so may cost you unnecessary telephone bills.


  • Just now I got call from +301 several times but I didn’t picked up the call and nor I have responded on this no.They are calling me again and again.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Alex,

      It is good that you did not answer these calls or call back on this number. Hopefully the calls may have stopped by now. +301 is a North American country code though, and we have noticed that most of these scam calls come from European countries. In case you have a friend or relative in the US they may be trying to reach you.


  • I just received a call from a number 003444 i didnt knew whom was it but said me that i won a lottery of 25 lakhs. i became suspicious because i received a message from my friend which said not to answer these calls and dont switch off your phone because they are international hackers and they will take out personal info too. i remembered this and now i am trying to block them but it deducted 40 rs on the first. they tried again from another number but i knew that. guys dont switch off your phones because then they will call your contacts and say that you are kidnaped and they want money. GUYS DONT SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONES AND DONT CALL THEM . I RECORDED what they said to me and now i have proof that there are some fake callers. Thank you and reply to me.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Rohan,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Do not believe such calls in the future and never call them back. Also install an app like TrueCaller which accurately shows where an incoming call is coming from. This way, you can avoid calls that seem suspicious.


  • Just received a call from 00381-640662572 .. earlier i used to receive calls from 00255-411414325 ( Tanzania ) number .. I have had blocked this number , as first time when i had called back on the same number, similar case of recording going on other side and then huge deduction from my balance happened, so this time I picked up the call, a lady voice in hindi told me that my voice is not audible and I should call her back :p

    • Rahul Thadani


      Thanks for sharing your experience. As expected, please do not call back on the number.

      Best regards.

  • Yes .today i recieved one missed call from +24.As im having true caller app it showed clearly that the number is spam.Tks Rahul

  • Hi rahul today i received a miscall from +92 Number it was showing that the call is from pakistan by mistake a called to that number and there was playback sound like customer care ….immediate i cut the call…..is there any harm for my number? do they misuse my number for any illegal activity ? i am scared …..pls help

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Swapnil,

      Since you disconnected the call immediately, I don’t think there is anything that you need to worry about. Your number and data will be fine. In the future, do not call back on such numbers.

      Best regards.

  • Today Paa gets a missed call from a prank no. That’s starts with +92 unfortunately my Paa replied and he told u got lucky draw which is of 15 lakhs suddenly line gets disconnected I need help that is that matters with the banking account

    • Rajib Singha


      If your father has not disclosed any information regarding his bank account, then we believe you don’t have anything to worry about. However, we would advise you to contact your mobile service provider and inquire if your father’s mobile number has been subscribed to any unwanted service or not.


  • i got a call from +301 … i didnt picked the call …. what type of number it is???

  • hi i had received a call from 13 digit no 5432169663080 at night 1:30 am around i was sleepy so didn’t noticed the no and answered it it was a female voice say something i couldn’t understand what actually she was saying before i able to say something it hanged up and when saw the no i was shocked, i didn’t called back but the very next day same no 5432169663080 there was miss call i’m really worried about this so can you help me…?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Satish,

      You have nothing to worry about here as you have not called back on the number. This is just a way to get people to call back on expensive international numbers. So you need not worry.


  • Hi
    I wanna say I also got such a calls from different numbers…. but always d person is same …. n what shock me the most is he know my all details….. m really sacred from him…… He try to mentally torture me … now I block his all numbers but still I feel scared …. :(

    • Rahul Thadani


      Since you have blocked all these numbers, you need not worry anymore. If this person continues to bother you, we suggest you file a complaint with your local police station.

      Best regards.

  • thanks Rahul
    and yes i got some missed calls from +92 code numbers on my post paid number but shukra Allah ka mene back call nahi ki.
    And noe i suggest it to all my friends and those who is in my contacts
    Thanks again Rahul

  • I gt 4 calls, evry number had +17 in front and truecaller showed united states and i received the call and a teenager sai
    d hello and i said hello whos this and then he dissconnected the call

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Vansh,

      Receiving the call is fine. However, do not call back on the number as it may be a part of this scam.


  • Hi Rahul, i got an missed call from the no. (0000923082913676). Is it one from ‘Wangiri’?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Pavan,

      Yes it is possible that this is a part of this scam. Did you receive several missed calls from this number one after the other? If so, then this is definitely part of this scam. Do not call back on this number.


  • Is it possible to clone SIM by attending and dialling calls from unknown numbers?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sarath,

      As of now, we have not come across any method for this. So this is not possible for now.


  • I recently received two miss call from this number +252 99364391. Country code says it’s from Somalia. I called this number but fortunately there was not sufficient balance in my cell.I’m really worried about this type of missed call. Would you pls. help me……

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Dipu,

      Please do not call back on such numbers unless you know someone living in that country or are expecting a call from there.


  • i also get a call from +92 country code number they told me that i won a lottery of worth 25 lac and send us your account number we will transfer that money into your account..these are the numbers +923036908580 and +923068668819 and when i get a call on one side of number there is write Pakistan and i m actually shocked when i get call

  • I got a call from +24 No and called back but immediately disconnected too.

  • I often get calls from numbers like 1409322101, 1409322084……but when i receive the call there is no reply…..can anyone please tell me what are these numbers? why it does not have any STD Code……what may be there aim….,i am so concerned…..please reply

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Diganta,

      You can inquire about these numbers from your phone connection provider. If you have an Android phone, you can block these numbers from calling you with the help of Quick Heal Mobile Security. Download it for free from Google Play Store. http://bit.ly/18SRsx6


      • Thnx Rajib

  • Hi Rahul,

    Since 1 week I have been receiving several missed calls(which last for only one ring) on my landline number. out of 10 digits, first 8 are same but the last 2 digits keep changing. Please tell me what I can do about this. Since its coming to my landline, i cant block it using any App.

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Sharath,

      We would advise you to get in touch with your telephone service provider to lodge a complaint against these numbers. They might be able to help you resolve the issue.


  • Today I got a missed Call from 00372701188008 @5.10PM (IST-GMT +5.30. I was not aware about these incidents. So Called back to that number and Rs.100/- got deducted for one second from my prepaid balance. It was really a mistake from my side. Now my question is it possible to hack all the details regarding all types banking transactions like net banking, Credit Card or online recharge etc which will be done through my number? really appreciate your advice. Many Thanks.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Abhi,

      No you need not worry about these incidents. The purpose of this scam is to get you to call back on that number and get a massive bill. In the future, do not call back on such numbers.


      • Thanks Rahul. I checked that number in truecaller and 32 has reported this number as a scam globally. So that means the number is very recent and might be using some advanced technology. My contact list might be copied coz today morning my brother has got the call from the same number. So is it possible to hack my contact lists, message boxes, internet cookies etc or cloning the sim (at most worst case) using any advance technology by calling to that number ? Really appreciate your advice. Many Thanks.

        • Rahul Thadani

          Hi Abhi,

          As of now we have not come across any cases where such details can be stolen from a number that calls back. Especially in a matter of seconds. So I don’t think this is possible. These scams usually call random numbers in the same sequence, so if your brother’s number is similar to yours, that might be the reason why he got a call as well. Hope that helps.


  • Hi Rahul,

    I also received a call from +252 and before reading this article i called
    the number and first time it got reduced to 10$ and then automatically second
    day the balance was 0.

    Do you have any information that if called once the balance keep reducing each day ,if thats the case if i recharge my mobile again will the balance
    would again become 0.Should i cancel this number and get new one or i can recharge the same one…pls share your experience if any.


    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Ritu,

      We would recommend you to get in touch with your telephone service provider. They would be able to give you a clear idea if or not your money will keep deducting everyday.


  • Hi rahul, buddy u r doing a grt job awaring the people abour such scam techniques. Actuly i got calls from +301 no. Only three digit no these seems to be have code for any conutry.how coulde i get knows who try to call me

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Dinesh,

      Thank you for your comment. You can try True Caller App, and if that does not help if you can inquire about the same with your telephone service provider.


  • Hey today i got a phone by +17,+15,+14,+12 numbers continuosly. I Picked up the phone 2-3 times but no one was saying anything. But i never called back, i am kind off scared :( please help me.

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Prateek,

      We would advise you to block the numbers. You can use Quick Heal Mobile Security App which is now free. Install it from Google Play – http://bit.ly/1ud2USV


  • I am getting call from +4065
    so what to do ?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Deepak,

      +40 is the country code for Romania, so that’s where this call originates from. The best thing for you to do is not answer incoming calls from this number. Moreover, do not call back on the number under any circumstances.


  • 88213300040 is such number is in use miss call came in one ring.my husband give it a call but no one talk and rs 40 fut from rs 50 rechargeAgain he give a miss call from my mobile airtel or aircle and 45 rupees from rupees 50 recharge gone form my mobile

  • My husband call aircel customer care number on 4/11/2014 they said it is an |SD number and said to email the complaintand you called and they cut the phone without explation then secong time he phone they said to wait and did not pick the call 20 times.means we not going to get refund

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Nutan,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. We recommend that you keep trying to contact the customer support center. Also, please do not call back on the original ISD number that you had received a call from initially.


  • I got a miss call from +252999……, when called back, 60 rupees had deducted from my balance in 28 seconds.this number to messges in my moblile…any problem?

  • i want to trace my airtel number can you help me out buy tellimg the lucation plz help me out

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Faiz,

      Was your phone stolen or lost? Did you have Quick Heal installed on it? If yes, then we might be able to locate it for you if you had the right features enabled. If not, then you need to file an FIR and get help from your local police.

      Best regards.

  • Thanks a lot.
    me and my wife got missed call from these no on the same day. But my wife used her brain. She checked the codes first before recalling it and saved both of us.

  • I have vodafone postpaid number. In the recent bill dated 24.11.2014 Rs.910/- has been charged for two ISD calls, 17 minutes on 25.10.2014 02:49 hrs and 1 minute on dated 12.11.2014 4:58 hrs. while i have not made any ISD call from my phone. Service provider is Vodafone they told that both the calls are made on number 216210 ( they told me only six digits). I used to see some missed international calls but never called back. Since last one month these calls are coming very frequently.But around 25.10.2014 these calls were not coming.I have no dialled call record of these ISD calls in my phone. How it is possible.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your inputs.

    I got multiple missed-calls from the numbe : +245-405-6222. Then I called back twice on 3rd Dec 2014. After connecting I got no answer. I disconnected first-time after 4 sec. and next time disconnected the call after 1min 49 sec. Now, I can see my mobile bill has increased by about Rs.1500 in 1 day !!!

    I have a post-paid connection. I am not sure if my Android phone has been hacked and being used to make auomatic calls to international numbers by remote acces.

    This appears to be an International Premium Number. The ISD code: +245 indicates the country as GUINEA-BISSAU or ISD +24 may indicate Semarang (Indonesia). But this may be difficult to trace or identify. Do not call back or answer any calls from this number.

    How can I know what has gone wrong with my phone and what action can I take to protect my phone from any further hack.

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Andy,

      Install a reliable mobile security app on your phone. Also, if you see unusual data or voice call bills, then raise an inquiry with your service provided. Furthermore, before installing any app, do read its reviews and the permissions it is asking for.


  • I have been receiving calls recently from 00 234 818 063 0600 and 00 92 336 2629542.
    But this is happening from a long time..about a year from different numbers(from pakistan, Nigeria,UAE).
    I have also got msgs on WhatsApp from people in Pakistan, Syria, some African countries. The calls come for few days in succession..then for some days no calls atall. I got a msg on WhatsApp about winning some prize money and it was sponsored by Landrover. They wanted bank details and address etc.

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Abhi,

      You can block unknown numbers in WhatsApp. Also, please do not response to these calls or messages. These are most likely scams.


  • I am also receiving the call from +231330550156

  • Just a day ago i have recieved a call with +91… followed by 12 digit number can i know who and from where and which connection is this?? can anyone help me by replying to my question.

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Rajesh,

      You can try the TrueCaller app to know about this number. You can also get in touch with your service provider for more details.


  • Hi,

    I recently started working in an internet marketing company where we need to deal with international clients over skype, emails & also we need to share our contact mobile number.

    I have been into this industry and know very well that a client will always prefer to write email or call once/ twice and then if by any chance we dnt received, they will always sort it out through proper communication over email/ skype chats.

    But here the story is entirely different. Its been only 2-3 days, i started working here, sent emails to few clients. But None of my clients are from Nepal.. Then why i am getting continous call from a number from nepal ( +9779868461631). Its bee almost 20 days this is happening.. Every morning and evening 2-2 missed calls. One day, i picked up ..said Hello…but no response from other end. I simply kept that number in my reject list, but in that i can actually see how many times call was made but the caller would be getting calls rejected..that was saturday night…No client who would be interested in business would do so and aaahhh..not at all on weekends.. he made 52 calls from evening 6 pm till 10:53 pm in the night… seems like he don’t have any other job apart from calling me..till 20 th..it was the same game..

    On 21 st morning, I installed caller Id , APP on my phone and BLOCKED that number and was off of that frustration.. But today again on 25 th the number is changed ( +9779848983966)..Again i had 2 missed calls..

    Today, I saw your bog and was core-lating what was happening with me. Believe me its really annoying and what to do to to get rid out of it.. If the callers would change the number and then again start continous calling..

    I read your blog..most of the cases are from pakistan..None are from Nepal..Can you please check these 2 numbers from Nepal..who is this person and what is his intension.

    Also, does anyone have received these scam calls from nepal or its only me..

    Plz write to me..

  • so nice information rahul thadni…just this night i got call from 00381 code i searched n it s code of serbia…i hope it is reponsibality of the service provider to trace and take action on that things…if they are fake calls …


  • MR Rahul,

    if i installed Quick Heal Mobile security in mobile phone than i can avoid this fake calls. Please advise me. 2-3 miss calls are going from 31st december 2104 to 2nd January, 2015. fake calls miss numbers + 381669771617, +381669771693, +3816543409567, + 381654340971. i searched n it s code of serbia. i have already booked these numbers in reject list in my mobile number.
    Please suggest me immediately

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi SK,

      Yes, Quick Heal Mobile Security will help you block these and other unwanted numbers. You can download the app from http://bit.ly/QHMSFree


  • Hello Rahul,

    Good Information. Thank you. worth sharing it.

    Nancy – Seems they are not attackers who steal money as Rahul bro said. Must be your private problem. Did you got any clue?

  • Hi Rahul, today I received 4 missed calls from +92and by mistake I called back.Through no1 picked up.I was a bit scared. It might b of terrorists or I might b in trouble. You know it warned everywhere not to pick or callback no. Starting from +92

  • Hi,
    I just got call a min back …loterry n all i am travelling i knw this is fake i immediately cut the call
    The guy was as speaking brojen hindi definitely pakistani.

    This is a big fraud n could be funding militants, we are connected on this site hence know abt it. Poor many ppl might hv loooted all over india.
    Can qe jointly take it up seriously and report it at very high level.
    These numbers might have been hacked through websites of phone companies like vodafone.
    Can we our bit to take this up seriously?
    Look forward sone action routes.

  • What is the charge for outgoing calls from a premium number?,Why telecom operators not blocking outgoing calls from premium number?,Do telecom operators earn in the scam?.

  • I live Australia what do you make of this number +25299160482 they call me at 3:20 in the morning.

    • Rahul Thadani


      +252 is the country code for Somalia. This could either be a genuine call from someone who knows you from that location, or it could be a bogus call that may be attempting to trick you to call back on the number.


  • Sir,

    I read your valuable tips. Sir Can I block a number in Indian service provider?. Please tell me how can I block a number, I have got lot of nuisance everyday.


    Robin Jebanese

  • +25299160482 ……..I got miss call today from this number at around 5.13 am . Is this number from heckers?

  • Hi Rahul,
    I had read the above information which you had given and it really helpful to me. Because i had also received missed call from unknown no. And after that there was lots of questions was raised in my mind. But after read your blog I am feeling relaxed.
    Thanx, keep it up and best luck for social service.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Thank you Bhushan for your kind words and appreciation. Let us know if you need anything else in this matter or other IT security related issues.

      Best regards.

  • Hi Rahul,

    i have received calls from 0044 7405558356 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm almost like 10 times, and i blocked the number after 8th time, and call was blocked for the next 2 times but my case is not “one ring miss call” they were actually giving me full ring (20 rings approximately). i don’t know anyone from UK so i am damn sure its a tricky call, i wonder now they are giving full ring too.

    Thanks for the blog, it was very much helpful, keep up the good work.

    Unfeigned regards,
    Keerthi Kulkarni

  • Thank you so much as i m getting call from +255…numbers from many weaks .but i have no solution for that. By reading your article it help me to protect my phone.

  • Hello guys,

    Few days before I received a missed call from +235 95 53 42 16 international nuber and I tried to call back this number. Surprised automatically it’s answered and started some music and it was dhoom’s Arabic version. After that I was disconnect that and didn’t try back.surprisingly every night 12-5.00 am moring there must be a missed call from this number +235 95 53 42 16… I searched your article in internet. is it a scam. Please reply back or send email if u found something related this.


    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Deepak,

      Yes it seems that this is related to this type of scam in some way. It is possible that the person on the other end is simply trying to get you to call back on that number. So it is recommended that you do not call them back. You can also block incoming calls or messages from the number using our free Mobile Security app.


  • Me too getting the call from different numbers starts with +2, at least 2 missed calls daily, particularly in night. How to stop this?

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Jayakumar,

      Quick Heal Mobile Security allows you to block phone numbers based on the series they belong to. You can download the app here – http://bit.ly/QHMS_Free


  • i just got a call from +371 prefix no., i called back, heard two persons talking each other one male and female. in less than minute call got disconnected and was charged 50 rupees.

    i heard contacts and credit card or debit card details also will be stolen.

    i do not have mobile banking facility. now what precautions do i need to take immediately. bank alerts might only be there in inbox nothing else. is there any danger to my bank a/c. now what to do.

    • Rajib Singha


      Merely calling a phone number does not risk your bank account. However, as noticed in your case, it does charge you unwanted phone bill. The precaution that you must take include not calling back unknown numbers, and getting in touch with your bank and check the safety of your account.


  • I received a call from isd code 23 .. Wen I googled for the country got this info. Tx Rahul

  • HI,
    I got a missed call from a number without country code. and when I trace this number on google it belongs to some where in Uttar Pradesh. So i just want to know that is it possible to make a call without country code or it is spam call.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Rakesh,

      Usually, the country code always comes up. Since the country code is not visible in this particular case, there could be something fishy with the number and its origins. Please do not respond to calls from the number or call back, to be on the safe side.


  • Hi Rahul,

    Today I received a missed call from a no. starting with +447××××××,but there was no response from the caller and unknowingly I called back. But again there was no response. Though my number is postpaid is there any chances that fraud caller may get any information regarding my bank account or can he transfer money from my account to there account…..

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Aditya,

      You need not worry about losing money from your bank account or losing other vital information from your phone. However, you may have been charged heavily for that call that you made. So it would be best not to make such calls to such numbers in the future.


  • thanx for the info man. i thought i was the only one getting these misscalls. I am getting miscals from a +91 number n now I’ve put him in blacklist.
    I have 2 questions –

    1. I received his call one or two times but he wouldn’t talk to me, although there was some background conversation of kids n other people. I kept the call on for about 2 to 3 mins ( shouting hello hello n hello at him) but he didn’t disconnect. Could i have risked something by not hanging up immediately?

    2. I use a dual sim phone n get miscals on both from the same person i think. If someone knows my one number, can they know my other number (in the same phone) as well?

    please reply

    • Rahul Thadani


      +91 is India’s country code so this call has originated from India itself. To answer your two questions, no you did not risk losing any data by not hanging up immediately. Secondly, a caller cannot know your other number by calling one of the numbers on your dual SIM phone.


  • Hi Rahul,

    I have been getting regular calls from a number +17xxx xxx xxxx.
    I have never picked up the call ; however, gathered from internet that +17 is not a valid isd code.
    Not sure what’s happening.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Smita,

      Please try searching for the country code after putting the third digit after +17. Maybe that will shed some light on where this call is coming from. If that does not work, try putting the third and fourth digits after +17 as well.


  • I am getting frequent miss calls from numbers like +301, +441, +5033 and +381. It’s not the same number every time but there seems to be something wrong and illegal with these numbers. I suggest, it would be better to complain this matter to TRAI( Telecom Regulatory and Authority of India). They will definitely take some step to solve this sort of grievance.

  • I just picked up that kind of number….but I didn’t call it back…..so is there any

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Shivam,

      There is no threat by just answering the call, so you do not have to worry about anything. Just remember to not call back on such numbers after you receive a call from them.


  • Hi Rahul, I have been receiving calls from an international number beginning with +231. Though I couldn’t attend to these calls earlier for some reason or the other, this time around I took it assuming one of my cousins must be trying to reach me and hence the frequent missed calls from the same number. My repeated hellos met with no response from the other end and I checked the number again on my mobile screen only to find that it showed as a missed call. I was tempted to give a call back but then decided to do some searching on the internet. Came across a few websites which listed the said number as a scam number but provided little information beyond that. Your article detailing on the do’s and dont’s when one receives such a call has been very helpful and useful. It stands out among the crowd. Thank you.

  • Hi rahul ,today I was received call from +923085070785.he told me that,I me lucky winner of lottery of Rs 20 lacs,and gave me another no.to call back.as well as he told me down tell anyone about it ,what will I do?plz guide me about it

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Rakesh,

      Please ignore such calls.


  • Hii Rahul
    i am very tensed about that i received a call at 5.48pm 17 july and a man said me that he want my address to complaint
    about me for accessing porn sites. But i disconnected the call but the man even dont know my name and asked me about my usage of phone . The number is +0061385101661. Could you help me please

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Baljit,

      There is nothing to worry. Do not answer his call again. And if he calls you from another number, tell him that you will report him to the authorities if he continues to harass you. You do not need to entertain such phone calls.


  • today i recieve a miss call from this number (+381611751318) at 2.14 am.when i call back,my mobile balance cut Rs20 in a few seconds.so friends do not call back this number.

  • I have a call from these no. +3011,+461,+1,+381

  • Very useful info, Rahul: these calls, as it turns out, can also come from (+235) which is the country call of Chad. In the middle of the night.

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