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2 month Bonus for Early Renewal FAQ

Sanjay Katkar Jun 6, 2012     103
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Our post on renewal benefits received a lot of feedback and a lot of questions. We offer a bonus period of 2 months to users who renew their license before the expiry date. Here is a list of FAQs that provide answers to all the questions we received.

  • Question: If I renew my Quick Heal 3 months in advance will the new subscription duration be added to existing subscription from the date of expiry or will I lose my 3 months subscription?

    Answer: New subscription period is always added from the date of expiry. For instance, if your license is to expire on 1st October 2012 and you renew on 15th June 2012, you will get 1 year and 2 months (bonus) added to 1st October. So your new expiry date will be 1st December 2013.

  • Question: If I apply for a 3 year renewal do I get more than 2 months bonus?

    Answer: Yes. 3 year renewals get a discount structure that allow a user to pay for 2 years only. For instance, if you renew for 3 years you will only pay for a 2 year renewal. Hence you get a bonus period of 1 year. In addition to this, you will receive 2 months bonus if you renew before the expiry date.

  • Question: Is the bonus applicable only if I renew online? Or can I get it if I renew through a vendor also?

    Answer: The renewal bonus is applicable in both cases. You can receive it through online renewal or through a vendor as well.

  • Question: Will I get periodic reminders about my expiry date and renewal from Quick Heal?

    Answer: Yes. You will receive a pop-up message via your registered Quick Heal product on your PC for the renewal and expiry dates. You will also receive reminder emails on the email ID that you have registered with us.

  • Question: Is the bonus period applicable to Quick Heal mobile security as well?

    Answer: Renewal offers are applicable only for the following products – Quick Heal Antivirus Pro, Quick Heal Internet Security and Quick Heal Total Security.

  • Question: Who do I contact to get further details?

    Answer: You can send an email to ‘’ for further information. If you have queries on renewal you can send an email to ‘’ or visit this page on more renewal FAQs to learn more about the renewal process.

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  • i cant update my quick heal internet security database…..

  • Dear Sirs,
    I hane Quick Heal Internet Security 2012 Premium is installedin my PC.
    Now I want ot know the date of expiry of the product and when I am to renew my product to get two months bonus?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi P. Banerjee,
      You can view the expiry date and validity period of your licensed copy of Quick Heal by accessing the ‘About’ section under ‘Help’ in the upper right hand corner of your Quick Heal Dashboard (screen).
      You are entitled to 2 months bonus only if you renew it before the expiry date.

  • hi,

    I have 15 standalone licences and 20 user admin console.

    I want know that when my standalone licenses is expired then I will be able to migrate these users to admin console and how much i have paid for the same.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sagar Mishra,
      We have responded to your query via email.
      Thank You.

  • Nice protection from Quick Heal Technologies

  • i have purchased Quick heal total security 2012 to renew before the expiry. i am using Quick Heal Internet security right now.will the bonus applicable with this Total security 2012 if I renew.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Please contact the renewal ID mentioned in the post for more information.

  • quikheal best antivirus soft.

  • I have on several occasions tried to upgrade Quickheal 2012 virsion but it could not be upgraded.Can u help me ?-Jayesh

  • thank u

  • i like quick heal

  • so sweet

  • the best cliner of computer

  • best

  • quick heal is absolutely best.

  • best one

  • best quick heal

  • we have quick heal. purchased in different period for the diff computers. will it be possible to cluster all computer update with in one period.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Sunil Kansara,
      Please check your email for your solution.
      Thank You.

  • please update my quickheal antivirus

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Arun,
      In order to update your Quick Heal product, you need to open the dashboard and click on the Update button at the upper right corner. In case you face any difficulties you can send an email to and you will receive assistance. Thank you.

  • best best best world best softwer….thenks …i love u quickheal….& plzzz tell me how to use mobile antivirus….+919712298188…

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Nikesh,
      You can download our mobile antivirus app, Quick Heal Mobile Security, from the Android Market (Google Play) or from the BlackBerry App World. Alternately, you can purchase the product by following this link –

  • I am using QH Internet Security valid upto Dec 2012.

    I intend to switch over and renew for TOTAL SECURITY for three years. What will be the price and bonus and other benefits…

    Also please reply me on my e-mail ID…

    Thanks !

  • Lovely Heal…

  • for the first time I use Quick heal Antivirus effective fast healing Quick thank you heal.

  • GOOD………!

  • Quick heal is Very Very Good Softwer

    Thenk You.

  • After Installing quick heal I am not able to install drivers for my laser printer HP 1015. What is the solution ? Can I uninstall quick heal, Install
    the printer driver, then install quick heal again ?

  • quikheal best antivirus software.
    I like quikheal thanking you (.)

  • Nice protection from Quick Heal Technologies (.)

  • Damn Gud At Wares Using Three Lappy And Three ov Emmm Rocks, No Virus Tnsn at All…

    Loved it Since 4 Yrs @QH…

  • Quick Heal Total Security Very Good Protection for my PC

  • icant actvate my antivirus

  • Hi
    Nice protection from Quick Heal Technologies

  • better service of quick hel technologies.

  • i m using quickheal internet security it is besttt…….
    and i like it too much..

  • dear sir please send me quick hill activation code thankyou

  • to good

  • Its too Good…!!!!!

  • i am like this , and safe my computer .

  • Q1: I have a Quick Heal Total Security Licence for my DeskTop Compute. Am I also permitted to use it (additionally) for my laptop and a 2nd laptop (my daughter’s)?
    Please advise. Thanks.

    Q2: If I want to renew my QH Licence (for 3 years) and avail of the benefits you offer, does the renewal need to be done within a specified time before expiry OR anytime before expiry?

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Ashok M,
      We have responded to your query via email.
      Thank you.

  • quick heal is very good & virus safe software

  • hello,
    I have been using QH since 2011. and its a good experience.

  • I like so much quick heal because there not big file of system.i like itttttttttttttt…………………

  • Can I upgrade internet security with total security by my licence renewal.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Amit Mehta,
      Quick Heal Internet Security and Quick Heal Total Security are two separate products. You can send your queries to and they will get back to you with clarifications for you. Thank you.

  • quick heal is very good & virus safe software

  • Quick heal total security license is expiring today and it is not in my name my hardware engineer had purchased the copies earlier and he had sold the same to me. but right now i want to buy it on my own name. if i pay for 2 years the what will be the cost.

    Please revert

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Ravi Angari,
      Please send an email to with details of your case and they will help you find a suitable solution.
      Thank you.

  • I m Not able to copy any data in any other drive, can you help…………………………….thanks

  • I cant find my mobile name on quich heal mobile list… My mobile phone model is Samsung Galaxy5 GT-I5503

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Rahul,
      We are constantly working towards adding more mobile models to the Quick Heal list. We shall inform you as soon as this model is added to Quick Heal support.
      Thank you.

  • hi mayur! I am not able to update quick heal, kindly guide me how to update

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi V.B. Raju,
      Our support team can be contacted at They will be able to assist you with updating your Quick Heal product.
      Thank you.

  • quick heal total security installed, registered but not getting updated. pls give me required guidens for updating-Thanks

  • how do i renew my quick heal total security????

  • Rahul Thadani

    @tejeshwar @A .P. Kamath @mayur u kharat

    We request you to send an email to with your queries. You will receive prompt and effective clarifications. Thank you.

  • Rahul Thadani

    @santanu chatterjee @BIJAL JOSHI @rupesh pathak @rama shankar singhal @Aniraj Pradhan @YADVENDRA SINGH @Divyesh Virparia @jahangeer
    Thank you for your continuous support and kind words.

  • Rahul Thadani

    @Rajkumar Ghosh @jitendra @jaafar @B. kaha @n.p.singh @ajay kumar @BHANWAR HADA @Alpesh Shah
    Thank you for your support. We are glad to be of service to you.

  • I like the way Quick Heal renewal services for extended of 1 year more. That means we will get three year at least tension free. But i will request the management that please more stuctured on on line support as it is my 4 years to get the renual of the product. Today again i have renual for more three years. Wishing QUICK HEAL all the very best for the upcomming innovatate services/ideas.

  • hii rahul………..!!!!!!!!
    There is a link below for add ur mobile in ur quick heal…

    U have to submit your mobile info along with ur product key by login on above link
    Ur mobile will be added in u qh…

    Thank U….
    Yours…. friend!!!!!


  • i formatted my hard disk now i want to reinstall my quick heal total security 2012 antivirus what should i do now, i have got the serial number.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Please send an email to with details of your situation. You will promptly receive effective assistance.
      Thank you.

    • i formatted my hard disk now i want to reinstall my quick heal internet security…..i got product key in it….Pls reply asap….

  • how much is price of total security 3years renewal pack ?

  • Dear Sir,Kindly renew my quickheal internet sequirty so that I can avail 2-months extra offer.

  • Dear sir,
    i have purchased the Sony companies pen drive of 4 & 8 GB with that i got 2 quick-heal total security 4 months free.
    i have activated the the 1 before 4 months and now i am not able to activate the 2nd activation key.
    my cell no is 9403300666

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Mahesh,
      You will only be able to activate the second key on the same PC once the first key has expired. If you are facing further issues, kindly visit this link – Our support team will aid you.

  • i like this total security

  • sir, I want to know that I have Quickheal total Security 2012 with Expiry date of 29 june 2013. I want to upgrade it with Quickheal Total Security 2013, for that how much I have to pay. please tell me.
    Thank You

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Suresh,
      You can upgrade to Quick Heal Total Security 2013 for free. You will not have to pay anything for this purpose. Kindly visit this link to download the installer – Please note that you will need your existing Product Key for this purpose.

  • please tell me what is the process to get the bonus period, if i purchase it from the Vendor.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Ashiqur,
      The 3 months that you received last time may have been clubbed with some other scheme. Our policy is to provide 2 months bonus if you renew your license before the expiry date. You can contact your vendor and ask him the renewal process. Also ensure that you get a renewal key and not a fresh product key.

  • Last time I got 3 months bonus, won’t I get the same this time also?

  • quickheal ts renew offer in jan. 2013

  • I have purchased a Quick Heal Total Security 2012 for 3 users regular edition . Now I want to renew for another year through online. How to proceed with and which product key number out of the three product keys will have to apply. Please suggest.

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Manas,
      Please visit this link – You can submit a ticket for renewal here and you will get the required steps once you submit the ticket. Keep all the product keys that you possess at your disposal as they will all be needed.

  • Hi, I am in Australia right now, my quick heal license is going to expire in 20 days, want to ask, is it possible to renew online from here but in indian currency?

  • I’ve used single user total security on 2012,in 2013 in i bought 3 user. i want to renew mine. is it possible?

    • Rajib Singha

      Hello Abir,

      Thank you for choosing Quick Heal to protect your computer.

      We request you to kindly contact our support team at 0-927-22-33-000.
      You can also raise a query at Our support team will get back to you to resolve the issue you are facing.


  • Renew update

  • Thanks Quick Heal

  • How can I renew my product with new product key instead of renewal code?

  • Sunday, October 19, 2014

    I was given a free trial quickheal antivirus malware and it has run out. I was told that it would no longer scan my computer, so I went and bought one year of this program directly from Quick Heal Technologies Private Limited Saturday, Oct, 18 2014 Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro NQHAVD01U12 $30.00 US. Now I am not getting any scanning of my computer. I paid by visa pay pal and I am assuming that you have taken this amount ($34.85 Canadian Dollars) out of my account. What is going on. I would like to know if the quick heal anti virus malware is on my commputer. I have sent several e-mail messages, but it comes back saying that the e-mail address could not be located. Did this several times to make sure I typed the correct address and they still returned unable to locate address. Please respond quickly.

    Thank You

    Mrs. Barbara French

    • Rahul Thadani

      Hi Mrs. Barbara,

      We are very apologetic about the inconvenience caused. Can we kindly request you to visit this link and submit a ticket there with your details – Our technical support team will get back to you immediately with a solution and rectification for this. Such technical snags happen very rarely and we will get it fixed for you as soon as possible.

      Best regards.

  • I just checked in QH website that they are providing 3 months bonus if we renew within 30.10.2014 Kindly tell me the how to purchase ( Both online And offline) shall i get 3*3= 9 months bonus if i renew with 36 months ?
    pls reply…

  • Dear Sir,
    I have a query. My Quick Heal Antivirus is about to expire in 10 days. I have already sent money and updated in email for its renewal. But till now it is not renewed as the pop-up message appears reminding its expiry date. I would like to know that licence is renewed after the expiry date passes or before the expiry date ? I would be grateful to you if you guide me for this query.

    • Rajib Singha

      Hi Mousumi,

      Thank you for using our product. Our Support Team can help you solve this issue:

      1. You can submit your query at The Team will get back to you with a solution.
      2. You can also contact them at 0-927-22-33-000.
      3. Alternatively, you can chat with our engineers by visiting this link >> >> Chat with Us


  • How can I renew my quick heal antivirus pro with a product key.

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