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Parents, here are 5 things you must know about the Blue Whale Challenge

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 August 24, 2017

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If you are a parent and don’t know anything about the Blue Whale Challenge, then it’s important that you read the following post. What is the Blue Whale Challenge? The Blue Whale Challenge is supposedly an Internet game where players are assigned 50 different tasks by the game admin (also...

Tia and the Online Stranger: A Cyber Safety Story

 July 20, 2015

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As fascinating as the online world is, it is riddled with dangers and pitfalls. More than adults, it is impressionable kids and teenagers who remain the most vulnerable victims of online predators. We have heard about horrid stories of how kids are tricked into resorting to taking undesirable actions against...

4 dangerous apps for teens that parents should know about

 June 9, 2014

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When it comes to safeguarding kids and teenagers online, many parents are already pretty clued up. They stay aware about the latest online apps that are in vogue and their risks, and many of them also get actively involved with their child’s online activities. Some parents also friend their kids...

Gruesome stabbing of 12-year old reminds us about Child Internet Safety

 June 6, 2014

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If ever there was any doubt about whether parents need to keep an eye on their kid’s online activities, we were all served a gruesome reminder for the same a couple of days back. If you are not aware about the grisly stabbing incident that took place in Wisconsin this...

What is the Best Age for a Child to Get a Smartphone?

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 April 7, 2014

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The official reason why parents give their children smartphones is for their safety and security. However, most parents may well know that the unofficial reason is the nagging they are subjected to. Children often see their friends who own smartphones and declare that they too want the same. Moreover, most...

How to Recognize the Signs of Online Predators?

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 October 21, 2013

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When we speak of online safety for kids, our first priority should be setting up a guard against online predators. These obnoxious people are everywhere on the Internet, just waiting with their net to trap an easy prey. Parental guidance and a little awareness can go a long way into...

A Look at this Week’s Latest Security News and Updates

 July 20, 2013

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Truecaller Gets a Bad Cyberattack Call Apparently, the website of popular online phonebook app, Truecaller, experienced a cyberattack, letting hackers gain unauthorized access to some data. The company has confirmed the same in its official blog. It seems, the Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for the cyberattack. News is up...

Chat Room Dangers that Kids and Teens are exposed to

 July 15, 2013

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Chat rooms can be a great online space to hang out for kids and especially teens who share similar interests, thoughts or experiences. But at the same time, the same place can be a dark and dingy alley infested with online predators. This post gives you an insight into some...